Monday, 25 November 2013

Five Guys


To celebrate the end of a difficult couple of days last week James and I went to Five Guys for the first time. In case you missed the memo on this one, burgers are awesome, and approximately fifty million independant and chain burger restaurants have opened in London in the past couple of years, which is brilliant news!

I am definitely not a fan of queueing for my food (always get too hungry for that!) so a rainy Tuesday at exactly 12pm was the perfect time to visit Five Guys on the corner of Long Acre - go on a weekend and you will probably be queueing around the shop and down the street.

The deal is you pick one of four basic burgers then add as many toppings as you want - I went with a cheeseburger, plus mayo, gherkins and ketchup, and a little portion of chips, which was actually huge! Being a US import they have definitely not sized down for a UK market at all!

The burger was epic - exactly the greasy gorgeous American style I was expecting. I literally scoffed it down. The chips on the other hand were a bit so-so - I think I was expecting 'fries' but they were more like regular UK chips to be honest, very potato-y while I was after something that tasted of salt and preservatives! The drinks machine is now legendary - they have over 100 flavours of fizzy drink (I had cloudy lemonade, James was boring and had a coke). If you aren't a fizzy drink fan though, there is not much else to choose from - beer or water only.

I did love it though, and would definitely go back for the burger alone. This time with a shared portion of chips and twice as many toppings though!


Sophie said...

The burgers really are amazing eh?! I love Five Guys - so much better than Shake Shack!

Rachel said...

I have not been in London yet, but I only went to Five Guys once (on Halloween) when I was living in Los Angeles; I thought the burger was good, but it had nothing on In-N-Out which I also had in my neighbourhood. And also from the picture, those chips look nothing like the Five Guys fries in America?!

Kim said...

I've heard so many good things about this place! I wish I lived in London and could try all the burger places ahhh

Anonymous said...

haha five guys is greasy, awesome mess of a burger :) I love it!
It's so cool that it's in the UK now!

Teffy Perk said...

I do prefer five guys to shake shack for sure!
I'm not a soft drink drinker, so that didn't really appeal to me, but the toppings were incredible!

{ Teffys Perks Blog } X

Sherin said...

This sounds like my kind of place. I love a good burger and chips meal.
I've walked past so many times so can't wait to go in now.

Matthew Pike said...

I remember seeing a Five Guys when we were in Savannah and I wondered what it was like, and now it's made in over here. Looks good and greasy. Not one for fiz but a small beer could work.

Buckets & Spades

Maria Fallon said...

This sounds amazing, I need to visit a proper burger place soon!

Maria xxx

Penny said...

it's on my list along with honest burger - glad you enjoyed it!

Sophie Sierra said...

It sounds amazing, am determined to go asap!

Sophie xo soinspo