Sunday, 24 November 2013

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. Les Parisiennes lookbook from the whit pepper 2. Katrina discusses going mobile 3. I never thought I'd say this, but these outfits make trainers look good 4. I love this perfect Parisian apartment 5. And these paper sculptures 6. This lookbook is so elegant

Everything is starting to get a little bit stressful here this week! Work on our house has slowed to a stop unfortunately, even though we are so close which is frustrating. On top of that my parents' house (where we are staying at the moment) is also in the midst of building work on the kitchen, so it feels like everywhere is covered in dust and it's just impossible to cook, do washing or any of the everyday tasks we need to. 

When we first moved in with my parents I genuinely believed we'd be there for three or four weeks, not verging on three months, and I just want to stamp my foot and shout 'I want to live in my house now!' (sorry parents - you've been amazing, but I can't live in your attic forever!)

We are trading up parents for a few days next week at least, and going to visit James' family in Oxford to get away from the building work. And shamefully taking a pile of washing with us - I haven't brought washing home for parents to do since I was at uni! If anyone has tips for things to do in Oxford do let me know - I have been quite a lot and done most of the touristy stuff, but always on the look out for new places to visit there.


Sherin said...

Those sneaker looks are so perfect. I need to wear all of mine more often.

PinkBow said...

Ah I love the interior styling of Anna malmberg too! Hope things calm down for you soon.

opportunityknits said...
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opportunityknits said...

I'm bringing my sneakers on holiday, so the sneaker looks are inspiring :)
Hope your housing situation improves soon!