Thursday, 14 November 2013

Photo an Hour

 Last week I was on holiday. Mostly working on the house but James and I took one day off to spend doing fun things. Here's our day.

9am wake up - have poptarts and coffee for breakfast. The poptarts are red velvet cupcake flavour Reda brought me back from New York and are every bit as amazing and vile as you would expect.
10am makeup - apply these things to my face. Love the No. 7 mascara - first smudgeproof mascara I have found which really works.

11am antiques hunting - we went to Crystal Palace to look round the antiques warehouse. We were looking for a cupboard to use as a tv stand but we didn't see anything.
12pm coffee break - we found a little cafe to have coffee in, sit in the window and watch the world go by.

1pm lunch - we had steak frite in Cote in Blackheath. It was so busy - full of OAPs and ladies who lunch - so nice to be out in the middle of the day though!
2pm cinema - we went to the cinema to see Thor 2. I had frozen yoghurt (pomegranate flavour and little chocolate crunch things) and James had popcorn. The film was very good - lots of explosions and everyone had really good hair.

5pm - done with the cinema we came home and read for a bit. Reading Just My Type by Simon Garfield.
6pm - light dinner after so much food during the day of tomato soup and crutons. 

7pm - played a lot of Professor Layton before bed. A lot! I just really like puzzles, but then I get impatient and cheat!
11pm - bed time.


char said...

AH, I love posts like this - I'm super nosey!

daisychain said...

I love this kinda post! xx

Peacock's Hat said...

Looks just like my kind of day- nice and chilled with tasty food! Not so keen with the Thor 2 though I must admit! That steak looks delicious... I'm hungry now!

Asmaa said...

Haha! I like how you picked up on the fact that everyone had good hair! Plus I love these kind of posts! :D

Asmaa |

Asmaa said...
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opportunityknits said...

I'm on the lookout for smudgeproof mascara too :)
and I really had a good chuckle at your review of Thor!

Fashion art and other fancies said...

Sp pretty painterly lovely.

Maria Fallon said...

This sounds like a really lovely day, I am glad you have been managing to relax (a little bit!)

Maria xxx

Katie Frank said...

that day had to be amazing :) all these photos are wonderful harriet <3

Matthew Pike said...

Such nice images of your day. The antiques warehouse looks pretty good, any buys? What's Cote like? I've never been, I just assume it's not my kind of place.

Buckets & Spades

Sophie Sierra said...

A lovely collection of photos! Am now particularly curious about trying a pop tart, let alone a red velvet one :-)

Sophie xo

little henry lee said...

haha that red velvet poptart looks hideously delicious! the idea is terrible but i would definitely eat an entire box if one was given to me!

little henry lee