Monday, 9 December 2013

Instagram Lately

1. a lunch for one of avocado, hummus and pitta 2. I love the view from the top of my parents house of the leaves turning 3. ice cream at G&D's with James' mum in oxford 4. and wagamamas with my mum on our semi-annual shopping trip

1. A favourite spot for curling up and reading on a saturday afternoon 2. ridiculous over the top banana cake for reda's birthday 3. five guys with james 4. a trip to the warner brothers' studio tour

1. anthropologie - I want all the bowls please 2. tibbits is my favourite lunch on the go place on regent street 3. our walls finallyget painted! 4. and we say goodbye to the old wallpaper the original owners of our houe put up over 100 years ago

Through a mixture of overtime and hardly having taken any holiday in the first half of the year I ended up with almost the whole of November on leave, which was great for instagramming! I managed to fit in a lot of meals out it appears! A combination of being back at work and coming down with a chest infection this past week has rather ruined my blogging plans though, so hopefully I will get back on track next week, and back into my christmas plans as I am so far behind!


char said...

Oh gosh, I want just about everything in the home section in Anthropologie.

daisychain said...

totally craving avocado and humus now! xx

Jo said...

I think my mouth fell open at that Anthropologie photo, so beautiful. Your food photos are also making me feel really hungry, especially the burger, it looks huge!

Teffy Perk said...

I've recently been to Five Guys as well! Their cajun chips are insane.. so good and so many!

{ Teffys Perks Blog } X

Katie Frank said...

these photos are so lovely <3 everything looks so delicious <3 *__*

Maria Fallon said...

Man I love Anthropologie and that food all looks amazing too, especially the Wagamamas!

Maria xxx

Laila said...

Oh my gosh Anthropologie is just the best store ever! Totally love all the photos of food here as well, avocado and hummus is such a great combination - good choice. :)