Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Bedroom Tour


My bedroom is the room which is closest to 'done' in the house, and the only one I am currently prepared to show off (which is odd considering it is surely the most private and intimate of rooms?!) It's a surprisingly large and bright room, especially in the mornings when it gets all the light, but the dark wall makes it feel so cozy. Having curtains and a blind has literally revolutionised my sleeping. It makes it pitch black at night, and I don't think I have ever slept as well as I do in this room.


The poster is from a V&A exhibition a few years ago on couture, and has followed me from home to home ever since. The chair is a Victorian nursing chair which my grandparents gave to me - not sure if they are hinting about something (!) but it had been in their house ever since I was little so it has a lot of memories attached to it. Eventually I would like to get it recovered as the fabric is quite worn in places, but it does perfectly well for thowing my clothes over at the end of the day and leaving piles of ironing on.


The rug is ikea and the bedding, laundry basket and bin are from John Lewis. The bed itelf was James' bed from his parents house, and was driven down the motorway to us at great speed by James' brother and cousin in their van. Moving house is infinitely easier when you know someone with a van, fyi.

The wardrobes which are just out of sight in these photos are the Ikea Pax wardrobes, and are amazing. They just seem to fit everything in! Do measure your car before you buy them though, as my mum and I had already bought them before realising they didn't actually fit... We ended up spending about five hours in the car doing two round trips to get them home. Not fun.


The bedside table is vintage from my grandparents, and the bunny lamp is John Lewis (my Christmas present from James). The little bookcase in the fireplace was my great grandmother's, and I inherited it when she died. I don't think it will live in the fireplace forever, but it looks ok there now and is helpful for putting random things on.

There are still a few more jobs to do before I can properly call this room done - I need to learn to tile and then tile the hearth ('how hard can it be?' was my initial attitude but I have been putting it off for ages because I suspect the answer is quite hard...). We need to put some hooks up to hang dressing gowns on and I also want to hang a few more pictures.

Behind the bed is a big blank wall (not photographed as it is quite boring) that is just waiting for art, but unfortunately the wall needs restudding before we can safely hang anything there. Thankfully we can access it from the room on the other side of the wall, so we won't need to rip everything down to do this. Generally I'd also like to get a few more personal bits and bobs and knick-knacks around to make the room feel even more homely.

P.S. here is what it looked like before and during our renovations, in case you fancy a look at how far the room has come!


Vicki said...

love your wardrobe doors harriet, are they a sage green colour or grey? love your room! :) x

Dizzy Tea said...

I love the dark wall! What a fantastic choice of colour, and something I couldn't dare to do as well. I'm scared of bold colours in decoration but it works so well. I love this bedroom, so chic but looks very comfortable and "you". The wardrobe doors are heavenly.

SJP said...

The deep blue colour of that wall is lovely. I'm envious of your blind/curtain combo - we have street lamps outside and even with blackout curtains it's still very light!

Anonymous said...

I very rarely come on to your blog but for some reason decided to have a sneak peak today and now I feel I HAVE to comment on the fact you didn't give the 'penguin' a mention!

Matthew Pike said...

They colour of the wall turned out so well, it's lovely looking. I could see us with a shade like that.

Buckets & Spades

Mary H said...

I love love love that bunny lamp, and the wall color is great too! We painted a small room we are using as a library a dark teal blue that is very similar. And your great-grandmother's bookcase in the fireplace is adorable. We are in the midst of working on our bedroom also. I had just framed and hung a couple of prints above our bed and then decided I hate the frames and want to switch them out for white ones. So it's a never-ending work in progress. Can't wait to see more of your home! :)

little henry lee said...

it's a beautiful room, and even though your shelf is in the fireplae it fits so well there and looks like a little nook that was made for it. i really need to sleep in a room with proper blinds/curtains, i find it so hard to sleep when it's light and back in november i stayed a night at my aunt and uncle's farm and they had big heavy curtains that blocked out so much light, and i slept SO WELL. you must know the feeling. i definitely need that when i move out of the room i'm in now at my parent's place.

little henry lee

char said...

Love the dark wall and that even thought it's a dark colour it doesn't detract from the lightness of the room.

beautylover7694 said...

What a cute post.You have an amazing room:)

Winnie said...

That teal is such a gorgeous colour! Your bedroom looks so lovely and I love the little stories behind some of the things you have in there. Have you framed that poster? I have an exhibition poster that I desperately need to frame - blue tacking things on the wall just seems like such a waste and a shame!

PinkBow said...

the little corner is perfect. the colour on the wall, the print and the chair. i love.

fleaandbear said...

Your room looks lovely! We are renovating our house at the moment and this has given me hope!! I always enjoy reading your blog!

fleaandbear said...

Your room looks lovely! We are renovating our house at the moment and this has given me hope!! I always enjoy reading your blog!