Sunday, 5 January 2014

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. May breakfast never be boring again 2. Loved this beehive tutorial from Carrie 3. My dressing table obsession continues 4. These photos are just stunning 5. A Cup of Jo's living room makeover is just perfect 6. And finally Kate's tips on making time for blogging are spot on

It's the first lazy Sunday of the new year, the last day before I go back to work, and the day I took down all my Christmas cards and decorations -sob! I am kind of looking forward to going back to normal and work and getting started in a routine in the new house, but it's been a pretty great Christmas, so I am sad as well to be saying goodbye to the holidays for another year. For me it's the only time in the whole year my work pretty much shuts down, so I am lucky that I always take off a good long time with no worry about who is manning the office or whether I am missing any important emails.

It was the holiday we finally moved into our house, and the first Christmas I spent at James' family home and not my own, experiencing someone else's Christmas traditions. I saw so many friends and family over my two week holiday as well, lots of lovely Oxford people while we were at James' family house, all of my school friends came round for a little housewarming at mine, and we rung in the New Year in Wimbledon with all of James' theatre friends. Throughout all we ate and drank and were generally merry and excellent all round.

Here's to an equally excellent 2014!

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