Thursday, 2 January 2014

My Vintage Home

 I have so much love for homes filled with vintage furniture - lovingly uncovered at flea markets and car boot sales and restored so they have a new purpose. My house is rather more ikea-ified than that, as I fear I just don't have the patience and perseverance to hunt down exactly what I want (I have been looking for a tv cabinet which is exactly 95cm wide for approximately forever to fit in the right alcove in my living room). I do have a few vintage and repurposed bits and bobs around the house though, and they definitely make it feel more homely and individual.

These two suitcases are a vanity and letter writing case respectively. The top one was £8 from Battersea car boot and the bottom one was from a vintage fair a few years ago and was about £12 I think. Now they hold my scarves and belts.

These two plates were a gift from my grandma to my mum, and eventually ended up with me. The drawings are I think by an artist local to my grandparents, of the seaside town of Rye, and the different sections of the plates make them perfect for serving snacks and nibbles.

This Fortnum and Mason hamper (alas empty!) is not so much vintage as repurposed. My parents get one from my dad's work almost every year, and so we are using this one as a coffee table in the living room at the moment!

This is an ebay find - I have wanted a proper dressing table for ages, and although I still don't have the actual dressing table, that hasn't stopped me from buying things to go on it! This is a 1930s Czech or German glass tray, and I love the angular pattern on it, which is quite different to a lot of the cut glass dressing table trays I have seen.


The house came with approximately five million shelves in it, and although we have taken out most of them, these ones in the kitchen are still up (for now!) and just perfect for displating all my vintage cocktail and tableware. The two silver cocktail shakers in need of a good polish were from ebay, the orange glass jug and cups were from Greenwich market, the mushroom shaped cruet set was a present from my mum and the babysham glasses I have been collecting from vintage shops for ages. I had to tell my mum to stop buying them for me in the end, as I now have loads (at least as many again as I have here) and they really are too small to drink out of (you get about three sips of champagne in each) but they look nice on display!

Finally my pine bedside table was given to me by my grandparents who no longer needed it (they are such a good source of vintage furniture!) but I have to admit this photo is more about my not vintage but ever so pretty bunny rabbit lamp I received for Christmas from James!


Lornas wishing well said...

I love the hamper! x

little henry lee said...

unfortunately there are some practical things like tv cabinets with specific measurements that we aren't always lucky enough to find when looking at vintage/second hand pieces but it's nice to fill your home with lovely little things that add touches of character. i think the little glass tray you keep your perfume on and the suitcases are my favourites.

little henry lee

Matthew Pike said...

I love those seaside plates, they're one of a kind.

Buckets & Spades

EilidhPie said...

What lovely pieces! Vintage and repurposed things are such a great way to add your own unique stamp in a home! I got a few bits a bobs from aunts when I moved. Not so much 'vintage' mind you - just useful! Though I am pretty sure my dining table is as old, if not older than me! Xo

RuBee said...

You have some lovely vintage bits and bobs. i love the perfume tray. We have a lot of ikea and next furniture from when we first moved in and I am determined to introduce more vintage furniture. We've been decorating the nursery and we've found a beautiful vintage rocking chair and chest of drawers. Unfortunately, we haven't had much luck with wardrobes! We bought one but failed to get it up the stairs of our modern three storey house. X

Katie Frank said...

oh wow, i also love vintage furniture! my mum has so many in her flat and i wish i could stole every thing and put in my room <3
every thing at yours look so so pretty <3

happimess said...

Lovely bits and pieces. Would love to know where the bunny lamp is from?!
Happy New Year!

Teffy Perk said...

Such lovely bits and pieces, very very sweet details =)

{Teffy's Perks} X

jennie said...

Your home looks so stunning! We also like finding vintage pieces, I'm looking forward to car-boot season already! <3

Jennie xo |

Imogen said...

This is so beautiful, everything is really pretty. My favourite is the perfume tray. I wish I had more special vintage pieces like this.

Anonymous said...

Ooh you have so many beautiful things - the plates are adorable and I'm very jealous of the F&M hamper, even if it is empty :) I'd love an all vintage home too but I think it's really hard and takes years - there's no point discarding Ikea bits (or whathaveyou) if they're still in good condition. x

Stephanie L said...

Your home is just lovely. I love all of the personal and sentimental touches.

HazelxJoy said...

these are lovely photos! you're putting me to shame with the rate at which you're sorting out your new home. we've been in for over 2 years and we've still got so much to do!
I'd love to be at the stage where I can buy the little bits and pieces that make a house a home but we're still on paint and carpeting.
Oh well, the journey is exciting isn't it?

Kate said...

I love the plates with the drawings of Rye, it feels very accurate and descriptive of the little town.

Laila said...

This is a very strange coincidence but I received a bunny lamp from my James for Christmas!!!! Mine is a bit different to yours, but still, how weird. I love those suitcases in the top photo and those plates are so cute! I love the illustrations. XX

Winnie said...

The pink glassware is adorable! I went to a vintage fair and they had lots of the pink, blue and green glassware, so pretty. My friend bought a teacup, saucer and dish all in this minty green glass. So pretty! I wish I had bought a few of those now too! Lovely things Harriet :)

Mary H said...

I love all your vintage things! I agree that a few things in every room just makes it feel more like home. We searched forever for vintage furniture but couldn't make most of it work in our space, or it was too expensive (often more expensive than buying new). That bunny lamp is the best thing ever. Where did James find it?

duck in a dress said...

Those seaside-themed plates are beautiful - in fact pretty much everything in your home is beautiful!
We have a really strange mix of old inherited stuff and new stuff in our house; one thing I think I'll have to do this year is actually make it all look a bit more like a theme :-) x