Thursday, 23 January 2014


jumper courtesy spoiled brat, shirt - dorothy perkins, skirt - tipshop, shoes - schuh

Note to self - lamp post coming out of the top of your head is not a good look... I am still working out the best place to take outfit photos in the garden. Admittedly there aren't a lot of options, it being quite small, and also full of the debris from the house renovations still so lamp post it is!

This shirt and jumper were two items I packed away while I moved in with my parents during said renovations, and it was so nice to get them back out again. I've been wearing them almost non stop since then! I got quite used to my capsule wardrobe while all my stuff was packed up, but I did get quite bored, and this definitely made me want to shop more! Not so good. Having all my things back did make me give to charity a lot of clothes I didn't really miss, but the rest of my clothes felt like new again, and it's made getting dressed in the morning a much more creative experience. I am definitely not ready to o minimalist just yet!


char said...

love this skirt, cute!

Matthew Pike said...

Sometimes restrictions are good and bring out some looks you didn't know you liked but end up looking better! Think that's the beauty in menswear actually, you end up creating you own sort of uniform. Hmm there's a blog idea!

Buckets & Spades

Stella said...

Skirt and brogues <3

Sophie said...

This skirt is gorgeous Harriet!

Sherin said...

That jumper looks so cute. And really loving the skirt - great colour.

Winnie said...

I need to do routine clear outs more often. There are definitely some things in my wardrobe that missed the clear out last time but I definitely haven't worn for ages now, so I'll have to take a leaf out of your book and charity some more stuff soon! I love pairing prints together and I like your layering here Harriet!