Sunday, 23 February 2014

A picture of the week


I went over to my parents' house this weekend to have a look through some of the things I still have stored there, and work out what I wanted to bring over to my house/keep storing/take to charity. I think the majority of my stuff is moved across now, but there are still some clothes, jewellery and a few boxes of my childhood books and toys in the attic which I went through. These two fashion sketches were in the attic, and I had completely forgot I even owned them! So that was a nice surprise.

They are living propped up against my living room fireplace at the moment. It's a gas one, it doesn't work, and it is very ugly, so they are doing a good job of prettifying it up. Eventually I think they will go in the spare room, once we've finished doing it up, but they can live here for now.

One other thing I picked up from my parents house which is currently living in my kitchen is a bike! I somewhat spontaneously and stupidly signed up for the London to Brighton cycle ride this summer, despite not having been on a bike in 15 years. I've only been out once so far, and mostly avoided roads, but it was really fun, if hard work! My thighs are not used to that sort of work out. I am looking forward to getting a bit more confident, and starting to fit cycling into my weekly routine.


Jane said...

Oh those are nice, I love finding nice things I've forgotten about, haha.

Maria Fallon said...

These are pretty, I wish I could find something so nice hidden away!

Maria xxx

Style Servings said...

I love the idea of framed fashion sketches, especially that small one looks amazing with the black frame. Great idea!

SJP said...

That's so exciting about the bike! I've neglected mine over the winter but I love cycling along the Bristol to Bath cycle path - dogs off leads and small children are worth the lack of cars and buses!