Thursday, 13 February 2014

Food Philosophy


I've been thinking a lot about food lately. I am, in case you hadn't guessed from the food tag on this blog, a big fan. I'm not always that good at it though. I dislike cooking anything with too many ingredients, or anything which takes too long. I hate baking because it's too precise. All intentions to eat well go out of my head as soon as I'm stressed. I have zero self control and if you put a plate of donuts in front of me I will eat them all. I'm indecisive and I get frustrated when what I want to eat isn't in the cupboard. I have way too many days when I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at my desk.

I'm probably making it sound worse than it is! I in no way would say I have any sort of disordered eating, just the usual frustrations of a busy life, when eating well just isn't a priority. James does all the food shopping in our household as well, and I think a large part of my issues come in not feeling like I am in control of what I eat.

So here's my food philosophy, and my slightly-late-for-the-new-year-but-what-the-heck food resolutions. 

For every cup of coffee I will also drink a glass of water. Home made food is always better than shop bought, even if it isnt the healthiest meal ever. I will sit down with James and write a shopping list and make a meal plan together each week rather than just leaving all the work to him. I love eating out and I love dessert, but that shouldn't be every day and probably not even every week (oops!) Carbs are delicious, and a little bit of everything yummy won't hurt. It really isn't that hard to eat five pieces of fruit and vegetables every day. Always make extra and freeze it.

I'd love to know your tips and philosophy for making sure you have a well rounded diet, and lots of good things to eat. Do let me know in the comments!


Rachel said...

These sound like great goals, good luck with them! As far as simple things are concerned, out of those books on the shelf James Morton's basic loaf is simply brilliant.

I also have What Katie Ate, and while I love the photos, I don't think the recipes are that great in practice. Have you tried any of them yet?

Matthew Pike said...

Time, money and patience!

I cook a lot but I wouldn't say it's very varied, that's my problem. We don't eat out much though. I tend to like think like curry, jambalaya, chilli ect.

Buckets & Spades

Vicki said...

I have started cooking way more this year, dave is veggie so I need to learn to cook more veggie dishes.. im a sucker for putting bacon in risottos and things to 'add flavour' lol xx

SJP said...

My issue is that even when I stock up on lots of tasty, healthy food, I tend to turn to the worst thing I have in the cupboards, such as ice cream or crisps! I find cooking a big batch of roasted veggie risotto or pasta on a Sunday or Monday evening so that I can portion it up for lunch for a few days - that way I'm not tempted by crappy fast food while at work.

Lily Lipstick said...

Great goals, I am trying to make an effort to drink more water (and less coffee and Diet Coke!). I have days when all three meals are eaten at my desk but luckily my work canteen is pretty good and always has healthy options although the constant stream of cakes and sweets for people's birthdays does make it harder to keep up good intentions sometimes! x

Maria Fallon said...

I have been really bad at eating fruit and veg recently so I have been upping my quantities again. I like having homemade muesli bars around for when I want something sweet too, I just cant resist pudding!

Maria xxx

Jo said...

I'm such a lazy cook as well. And baker actually! I only bake relatively quick, simple things. My favourite quick but healthy things to make are big pots of soup, stir fry or pasta with pesto as you can chuck in loads of veg with all of them.

Indy said...

Such a great list! I think it's a good idea to make meals together - a great way to bond and also be healthy! :)

Chloe Martin-Brown said...

Planning all the way- my other best tip (from someone else who eats at her desk all week, and sometimes from a mug with a teaspoon 3 times in a day) is have a stash of semi-healthy edible things. I love raw almonds and asian cash & carry shops are great for a bulk buy, I make granola to have for a filling snack at my desk and roasting vegetables on a sunday to go with instant cous cous can do a decent work day lunch for 3+ days which is low effort, decently healthy and pretty yummy.