Thursday, 20 February 2014

Hello My Name is Paul Smith Exhibition Review


Last weekend my mum and I went to see the Paul Smith exhibition at the Design Museum. My mum is a member so both she and I got in for free, and you get 10% of food and in the shop as well, which is a pretty good perk.

The exhibition itself was due to close soon but its popularity has meant that it has been extended until the summer. I feel a bit bad for whoever's exhibition was supposed to go in next, but it is a great little show so I am not surprised they have decided to extend.

The exhibition itself is quite small, but perfectly formed. You get to peek into Paul Smith's studio (so messy and full of stuff! I don't think I could work there!) and to see and hear about his design process and how his business started, in a tiny shop with no windows in Nottingham, and grew to now, with boutiques all round the world and seven collections a year. My favourite part is the recreation of his gallery walls in the exhibition. He has an amazing collection of art, from mementos of his family and charity shop finds to pieces by famous contemporary artists. I loved the way it was all curated together, and I'd love to create something like that in my own house.

The cafe and shop at the museum are highly recommended too, the food is gorgeous and there are so many pretty things I had my eye in in the shop. The museum is moving to a new location in South Kensington in 2015 as well, so this year is the last one where you can enjoy it's current Bermondsey location. If you haven't visited already I definitely recommend a trip.


Lizzy said...

I've been meaning to go to this for ages - weirdly I was walking past the museum on the night of the exhibition launch, which looked terribly glam. I like the cluttered look of his studio, but I agree with you that it would be hard to work with. I reckon I'd give up after 5 mins and go fetch a hoover!

char said...

Oh, this could be good. I have a day in London in a couple of weeks time which I wanted to find something to go to and I've heard a lot about this now, so that might be the answer :)

Jane said...

Looks like a pretty interesting exhibit, I visited the Design museum the first time I was in London and it was pretty cool.

Matthew Pike said...

I got to visit in the end, so good! Wish I could go back already.

Buckets & Spades

SJP said...

I haven't been to the Design Museum before but I love exhibitions like this, where you can have a goody nosey at the inner workings of an artist or designer. It's going on the list for the next time I visit London :)