Sunday, 16 February 2014

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. Lovely bits from around Rebecca's home 2. I am in love with the Ikea Brakig collection. Definitely need to visit my local store and get some bits! 3. Lil's post on what to eat in February has my mouth watering 4. The Cherry Blossom Girl visits the Moomin cafe in Japan (of course!) 5. Katie's home is what I aspire to in home decor. To me it's perfection 6. I love this plaid photoshoot from Jane with her sister

I hope everyone had a good Valentines day? Mine started somewhat awkwardly when I told my colleague I thought it was a bit cheesy to have flowers delivered to the office... and then she got flowers delivered to her at the office! I meant cheesy but romantic!

It is interesting seeing how everyone feels about V day, and how they go about celebrating, or not. My married mother-of-one manager said she told her husband she wanted a present. She didn't care what it was, she just really felt she needed a present! My friend Kat on the otherhand came down to London for a couple of days without her other half, and said 'I'd probably better send him a text, hadn't I?'

I am not one for presents or roses personally. Last year we ordered Dominos pizza and watched The Princess Bride. This year James made a pretty amazing slow cooked lamb curry, and then we played computer games all evening. I like that it's a nice opportunity to do something a bit special together, but I'm not too bothered what it is!


Jane said...

I've never thought of Valentine's Day as a big deal either, but I was in the city that night and there were so many couples and people with roses! Sounds like you had a cosy one, haha.

Katie Frank said...

I've read about that Moomin coffee a lot. I've seen some photos and I really wish I could go there once <3
Have a lovely Sunday :)

SJP said...

Ah I love What Katie Does. I'm not a fan of V Day - at best the Mr and I cook and eat a meal together (a rarity with our schedules) but as I've been ill we ordered a pizza and watched a film - far better than over priced set menus and bunches of flowers!

Mary H said...

Lovely links, as always. I wish we had that collection at IKEA here! It's so nice.

We didn't do much for Valentine's Day either due to loads of snow outside. But really, we aren't that big into celebrating it anyway. I think Dominos and Princess Bride sounds nice. :)

Style Eyes said...

Loving the home inspiration and february food link. I like to try and spend sometime with my husband on Valentines Day. As we have such busy lives I think it is important to try and make the effort. I don't really worry about presents but we do get cards.

char said...

Love these posts. I sometimes wonder how people travel from one blog to another and find all these links. I mean, I obviously find some links myself, but it's funny how when you speak to other blog-readers, they don't follow the same blogs as you etc. That may make more sense in my head, sorry.