Sunday, 23 March 2014

A picture of the week


I took these photos today, just before we took down all the cards and balloons and put them away. Bye bye Birthday - I stretched it out for two whole weeks, but that's probably enough!

This weekend I went with James and my parents to see the David Bailey Stardust exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. The exhibition was a mixture of his celebrity portraits, and others of his family, and from trips around the world. I loved his portraits from the 60s the best - he captured so many of the faces of the day, Jean Shrimpton, Penelope Tree, Mick Jagger, John Lennon and Paul McCartney whose names are all still known now, and so many others who were characters of the time, but have now disappeared from view.

After the exhibition we had lunch at the National Portrait restaurant, which is on the top floor and has an amazing view over the rooftops of London. The food there is amazing too, and you got a free glass of wine with any main meal if you showed your ticket to the exhibition - so bonus!

After that we headed home, and spent the afternoon cleaning, and watched the Veronica Mars movie in the evening with leftover takeaway pizza.


Laura|Daisychaindream said...

I love making Birthdays last forever! xx

Maria Fallon said...

I am the queen of stretching birthdays, it's usually birthday month for me! ;)

Maria xxx

Maria Fallon said...
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Jane said...

I don't remember actually wishing you a happy birthday, so happy belated birthday :)

I loved the Veronica Mars movie! Definitely took me back to when I was younger and obsessed with the show.

Katie Frank said...

i wish i could draw well :) these cards are super lovely!

Lily Lipstick said...

I always leave my birthday cards up for two weeks, too! x

Winnie said...

Lovely Mirror Harriet- hope you had a great birthday! I keep my cards up for as long as possible...2/3 weeks!