Monday, 31 March 2014

A very Etsy birthday


I know I said I was done with my birthday for another year, but I couldn't resist sharing a few presents with you, specifically those James and I got for each other. This year we challenged each other to only spend £25 and to purchase everything off Etsy.

It seemed like a great idea when I came up with it, but I have to say a few days later I was frantically searching the online market place for things for James, and worrying I would never find anything! The problem I have with Etsy is there is just so much choice. Narrowing it down is almost impossible unless you have some clue what you are looking for. I ended up spending a lot of time browsing the taste makers section, as it was a great way to see some of the best things available.

In the end I bought James these tardis cufflinks and a retro poster for the kitchen. James bought me a poster of a Narwhal playing the banjo, the I love you, blogs and coffee print from made by girl (love!) and a chalk board to write the shopping list on! All the picture frames were from Amazon.

It worked out as a pretty fun way to buy something inexpensive but unique for each of our birthdays. I loved everything I received, as did James (or he said he did anyway!) and because it was all from Etsy it was all a total surprise, which was nice. Usually I have a bit of an inkling what James is going to get me, as he is not great at keeping secrets, but this time I properly had no idea!


Chuck said...

I've got the Some Like it Hot print in my kitchen! So sweet. Happy birthday.

Sherin said...

Such a good idea for presents. Those Tardis cufflinks are pretty damn cool.
And looks like he did a great job too.

Style Eyes said...

I Love the idea of buying birthday pressies from Etsy, they have so many unique and orginal ideas.The Narwhale is great!

Matthew Pike said...

I'm going to suggest this idea to Hollie soon, love it.

Buckets & Spades

SJ said...

It's a really nice idea to stick to the same budget and 'shop' - I'm not sure Mr Ship-Shape would know where to start on Etsy!

Maria Fallon said...

This is such a good idea, maybe a way to ease myself into using Etsy properly!

Maria xxx

Teffy Perk said...

Such a great idea!
I love etsy, you can find such amazing stuff! It's also perfect for getting something a bit different and not mainstream.

{Teffy's Perks} X

Harish Kumar said...
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