Monday, 17 March 2014

Evernote Review


I realise I am behind the times as usual, but I have recently become completely obsessed with Evernote.

I've always been a massive fan of to do lists, and I have them scribbled on pieces of paper all over my house, and previously digitally with Teux Deux. While I loved the simplicity of Teux Deux, it had a number of limitations, being solely a to do list app, and IOS only, with no android version. Plus it went from a free service to a subscription based one, and I admit it just wasn't something I was prepared to pay for.

Looking around for something similar I thought I'd try the much loved Evernote, and I began to understand why it is so popular.

I have the free version, but it still has all the functionality I need - I can do my to do lists complete with check boxes, or write simple notes and lists. I can add key words to make them easy to find again later, or divide them into different notebooks. I also have it on my android tablet, my pc in both web format and as an app, and on my iphone as well, so I have all the information I need, whenever I need it.

I still use it for my to do lists, but now I do so much more as well. In my 'house' notebook, I keep a list of the measurements of various spaces which I want to buy furniture for, so if I am out and spot the perfect thing I can check it will fit. I also have a list of long term jobs we need to do, and a shopping list of things we need to buy.

Of course I have a list of blog ideas too, where I jot down ideas for upcoming posts, which come in handy when it's Sunday night and I am wracking my brains for something to blog about in the upcoming week!

I also love to keep lists of the books I have read, places I've been and films I've seen. At the start of the year when I wrote my Resolutions post I found it hard to remember what exactly I'd done each month, almost to the point where it felt like I looked back at 2013 and hadn't done very much at all, which didn't feel right as I am sure I was pretty busy! So now I keep a record its a great way to jog my memory and remind myself I haven't just been sitting at home all year playing computer games!

It's definitely one of my favourite productivity tools for 2014 so far (the other one being the website Lifehacker which I am obsessed with!) They have a dedicated Evernote tag, which I am diligently working my way through to get the most out of the app. I love reading about the Evernote Community Ambassadors and Evernote blog to get more ideas as well.

What are your top tools for improving productivity? Are there any other apps or websites I need to try out?


Maria Fallon said...

I am obsessed with Evernote, it makes my life just slightly less chaotic!

Maria xxx

Rachel said...

I am also an Evernote lover, but I only used it for recipes. I have the Evernote Food app on my iPad, and all the recipes from websites and blogs I clip in my browser wind up there, like one massive digital cookbook. I do have a subscription version, but I am more than happy to pay for it!

Katie Frank said...

it may sound silly but i've never heard of that... i think i should start using it. it'd help me. thank you for your review.

Style Eyes said...

This sounds fantastic! I had never even heard of it before but am definitely going to give it a go.

SJP said...

I have only recently discovered Evernote myself. The Mr and I share an account and it's a lifesaver for shopping lists or reminders, plus the fact you can sync it up to a computer too means jotting down blog posts are a breeze - very impressed!