Sunday, 2 March 2014

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. A candy coloured photoshoot 2. I love these illustrated travel guides 3. love sfgirlbybay's kitchen makeover 4. a crazy good looking bread pudding 5. the best studies - one super busy and girly 6. and one crisp and clean

What a glorious weekend! Yesterday really felt like the first day of spring had come. It was sunny, and not too cold and I took my bike down to the river and cycled from Woolwich to Greenwich. It's not super far, but it was beautiful, and just so nice to be out! The riverside path takes you by lots of industrial areas, and right up close to the Thames barrier. I couldn't stop hopping off my bike to take photos!

In the afternoon we did a bit of baking, and finally made it to the end of season one of House of Cards (how good?! Very. I am always way behind on tv and films, so I know everyone else is on season 2 when I've only just finished the first one, but damn it was worth the wait). Not a bad day at all!


Megan R said...

I love that kitchen you linked to!

Katie Frank said...

I love the photoshoot you show in the first link :) I saw it on Tumblr :)

SJP said...

We recently finished House of Cards (season 1) too! Love it - it's so slick and I'm looking forward to watching the next season soon, hopefully before I find out any spoilers!