Sunday, 30 March 2014

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. The Coveteur takes a peek into Kelis' life 2. These snack bowls look so yummy! 3. some great free phone wallpapers 4. I love this houe, especially the kitchen 5. Katie's shots of typography in Panama are beautiful 6. Joy made this epic galette

It has been such a busy weekend for me this week. But in a good way! I met a big deadline on Thursday evening, so ended up with a relatively relaxing Friday at work, folled by a swift drink or two in the pub to start the weekend off. This meant I was epically late to dinner with my old school friends - Reda, Kat and Becca, but James was even later so I felt slightly better! We ate mexican and way too much ice cream and wine, it was wonderful. ne of those evenings where you can barely get a word in edgewise because everyone has so much to say!

On Saturday we went to see Captain America with James' brother and his girlfriend, and today we are having a mega reunion in my family, as my cousin was over from Australia for the first time in nearly ten years, bringing his new wife and daughter with him (baby Millie - she is just the cutest!)

What did you do this weekend?

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