Monday, 10 March 2014

Making Bagels


James persuaded me to help him make bagels this weekend. I've seen them made on the great british bakeoff, and eaten supermarket made ones (love the onion ones!)  an awful lot, but nver really thought to try and make them myself. We used the recipe from James Morton's Brilliant Bread book but this bagel recipe looks pretty similar. 

Like most bread you have to leave it to rise a couple of times, which I'm too impatient for on my own, but I went out for a cycle ride while it was proving to pass the time, and got home in time to roll them into bagel shapes, boil them quickly in water and bake them fresh for lunch!

They weren't the most perfectly shaped bagels ever, but they taste amazing - really chewey on the outside and soft in the middle. A Saturday morning well spent!


Reda said...

They look amazing. I think the reason im such a cookie monster has a lot to dk with how quickly you go from flour butter sugar chocolate to soft chewy 'get in my mouth' cookies. No patience for waiting! Glad James roped you into it :) .. next up, pretzels?

Maria Fallon said...

I have never tried making bagels but man alive these look AMAZING, definitely one to try soon I think!

Maria xxx

Matthew Pike said...

what is the ingredient that makes them so chewy? they look great!

Buckets & Spades

Sherin said...

Oooh these look delicious. I've literally just baked something for the first time - biscuits! They came out of the oven like an hour ago.

Style Eyes said...

The bagels look amazing and I bet they taste much better than shop bought ones!

SJP said...

Mmm, they look delicious! I've always been tempted to try making a batch but I think it's the boiling water bit that puts me off - I feel like baked goods belong in an oven!