Monday, 3 March 2014

The White Company Scents of Spring


Last week I was invited by The White Company to attend their scents of spring bloggers evening, and to have a good sniff of all their new scents. Like any good blogger I absolutely love candles, and since moving into my own house and doing away with 'no setting fire to stuff' clauses in rental contracts, I have become even more obsessed so this was completely perfect timing.

I love that The White Company's scents all smell like real things, if that makes any sense. Inhalling their Cut Grass fragrance really took me back to games at school pretending to be fielding but really just avoiding having to be any where near the ball, and making the longest daisy chains you could. The fresh linen scent was another favourite, and every bit as good smelling as sleeping in fresh sheets.

Their scent buyer talked us through the range, which includes some great scents like English Garden and Roses which just smell so much of summer in the home counties! Almost all of the essential oils used in their fragrances are from the UK, or France, and they use really high quality oils, which is why most of their candles are in jars, as the oils lower the burning temperature of the wax, so in a pillar candle they'd just melt all over the place!

We also learnt you should always snuff a candle, not blow it out, to stop bits of the wick going in the wax (this always happens to me and makes my candles look gross!) and the candle wick should only be 5mm long to prevent it smoking. Compared to places like Dyptique (which I lust after, but can never quite bring myself to put down money for) the White Company candles are really affordable, starting at around £20, so this is definitely the place to stock up on reasonably priced good quality fragrances.

Thanks very much to The White Company for having me!


Rachel said...

I love their candles and your pictures of the event. I saw loads of snapshots on Instagram, it looked fantastic!

Sherin said...

I love the White Company. They definitely have some amazing pieces!

Lily Lipstick said...

This looks like such a lovely event. I love the White Company's candles. x