Thursday, 6 March 2014

Top five homeware shops


You may have noticed this blog has become a little home-obsessed lately. Although I still love clothes and fashion, right now if I had the choice between a new dress or a new cushion I'd probably choose the cushion. It's such a new and exciting creative outlet for me, I can spend way longer than I like to admit rearranging knick-knacks on my mantlepiece and getting everything 'just so'.

It also means that right now I want to buy all the things. I am definitely having to hold myself back and not go crazy with shopping right now, but that doesn't stop me from a little online window shopping every now and then. These are my top five places to browse!

1. Artic Design. This is a relatively new find, it's an Italian based Swedish inspired homewares shop, and its where we ordered our rug from. The rug was seriously reasonably priced, and fits our room perfectly, I'm already after a few more things like a set of 'string' shelves and maybe some of their lovely kitchen storage jars.


2. When I was young habitat was just the height of sophistication for my parents and their friends, and so it has always stuck in my mind as the place that grown ups shop. I think it sort of lost its way for a while, but since being bought by Homebase it feels like it is really putting itself back on the map, and has some really nice affordable things. I am in love with all their vases especially.


3. My idea of heaven is pretty much the inside of a John Lewis catalogue. In particular I love their 'House' range which is their more young, fun homewares range. Their kitchen stuff is especially good, and I crave all their bright red bakeware and white bowls. 

John Lewis is probably at the upper end of what I would usually spend, but their House range is a little cheaper, as I assume it's aimed at the first-time-buyers and just-out-of-uni-with-a-proper-job-renters like me so I don't feel like it is pushing the boat out to far.

4. West Elm. West Elm is definitely out of my price range, particularly the furniture, but I still love to look. I think it must be a bit more expensive in the UK compared to the US since it only just arrived on our shores at the end of last year. It seems to have sales on all the time at the moment though, which brings things more into reach. At the moment the West Elm in London is having an Etsy pop up shop, which I really like the idea of. I follow them on instagram and they seem to put so much creativity into everything they do, which I love.

5. Finally Ikea. I couldn't leave this one off the list could I?! Going to Ikea isn't so much a shopping trip as a day out for all the family! I always seem to have an ever growing list of really useful things I need to get from there (more glasses because ours are always in the dishwasher, a recycling sorting caddy for the kitchen, a rug for the hallway...) along with all the pretty bits I seem to need to pick up as well.

Do you have any favourite homey websites or shops I just need to add to my browsing list?


Teffy Perk said...

I am suuuch a sucker for bits and bobs for my home and kitchen. I could just shop endlessly.
Love all the ones you posted! My budget doesn't love you very much right now though...

{Teffy's Perks} X

Laura//Daisychaindream said...

Uh-oh, goodbye rest of my afternoon!

Matthew Pike said...

You've picked out some great stores. Not heard of Artic Design before but love those dark wood chairs. I'm really into West Elm and JL has some cracking stuff. Loads of nice stuff out there at the moment.

Buckets & Spades