Thursday, 10 April 2014

A Food List


What did you last eat?

Cold pizza and salad. I never really plan for lunches at home, they always end up consisting of scavenger hunts in the fridge and leftovers.


The last meal, if you could choose?

Burger and chips. The burger would be from five guys and have all the toppings. The chips would be from a late night chip van and covered in vinegar. Washed down with an oreo milkshake from Rocatillos in Bristol.

Best Food City?

London is where I eat the most so it feels like the obvious easy choice, but I ate really well in Paris when I went last year with Reda.


Best restaurant meal?

For my eighteenth birthday my parents took me to the Oxo tower. That was pretty special.

For regular eats I still love Dishoom, The Real Greek, Wahaca, Lupita and Ping Pong.

Best snack?

Sea salt and black pepper cashews. Om nom!


What caused last hangover?

Drinks after work followed by dinner with my friends last Friday. I was already a bit worse for wear when I arrived at dinner, and Kat said ‘ooh this is wine drunk Harriet! I love wine drunk Harriet, let’s order more wine!’ so I blame her entirely.

Food you love to have at home?

Pizza ingredients. We usually make extra dough and sauce and freeze them so you can make a home made pizza pretty speedily.


What's for dinner?

Spanish omelette with chorizo and potatoes.

Food you hate?

I used to hate olives, but I’ve managed to acquire a taste for them by repeated eatings. I am trying to do the same with mushrooms but it hasn’t worked yet.


If you only got to eat one dessert for the rest of your life?


Typical school lunch?

If you waited until right at the end of the lunch hour to eat, you could usually persuade the dinner lady in the canteen to serve you just a bowl of roast potatoes. And they were the last roast potatoes which had been roasting away all lunch, and were completely brown and crispy on the outside and totally soggy on the inside. Best meal ever.

What is the weirdest thing in your fridge?

Today is the last day before we go shopping tomorrow, so there isn’t much in there. Mainly condiments – we have ketchup, American mustard, salsa, mayo and pizza sauce.

And what do you have in the vegetable drawer?

Sweet potatoes, carrots and red onions. Those are our staple vegetables, good for roasting.


And cheese?

We have halloumi and strong chedder in there at the moment. My favourites are Brie and anything strong and blue.

Best place to buy groceries?

In my dreams? Fortnum and Mason or Harrods. In reality, if I can I love to go to Borough market to get the best cheap fresh vegetables and bread for the week.

Food that you wish you were allergic to?

Nothing. I would be so sad to have food allergies. I hate the idea of not being able to eat anything – which is why I keep trying to make myself like mushrooms! I think its my innate Britishness – I could never not eat something someone had cooked for me because I didn’t like the food in it!

Who gets to eat off your plate?

No one! Early in our relationship James once suggested we order a dessert to share... I told him if he wanted dessert he needed to get his own because he wasn’t going to be getting any of mine! 

List borrowed from Wilderness blog.


Maria Fallon said...

Love nosing at things like this, I would have to choose profiteroles with a side of berries for my one dessert I think. Thus may well have been the most difficult decision I have ever had to make, ahem.

Maria xxx

Jane said...

Haha best list! Definitely going to pinch this for my blog. That five guys burger looks amazing, except everytime I think of Five Guys I think of the time when I was there in NYC and they couldn't understand my accent when I said "tomato" :(

laura|daisychaindream said...

this post has made me SO hungry! x

Lily Lipstick said...

Love this list! Especially the bit about sharing desserts! x

Chloe Martin-Brown said...

A bit in love with your attitude to sharing and that you keep pizza ingredients to hand. Homemade pizza is just the best thing, my dad makes amazing ones and it's one of the things I really REALLY miss about living at home!