Sunday, 6 April 2014

A picture of the week


This weekend has been a weekend of resetting. Last weekend was so fun and so busy, but now it is about spring cleaning and tidying and getting my life sorted.

The one concession to this was on Friday night, when I went with my sister to see the Backstreet Boys at the O2. The verdict was they definitely still have the moves (90s dancing for the win!) but I wanted them to play more of the old stuff, and every time they said 'here's one from the new album' I was a little disappointed. James was out celebrating the end of term (he's training to be a teacher) and managed to drunk buy pizza, ketchup and a bag of donuts - he was aiming for pretzels apparently! 

It was quite nice waking up on Saturday morning after a great eight hours sleep and not being the one with a hangover for once. I took some pleasure in making James help out with the cleaning anyway, followed by coffee and donuts as a reward of course!


Matthew Pike said...

These look like the sugary ones you get on the prom in my hometown!

Buckets & Spades

Sara Downton said...

Backstreet Boys! Amazing. And those donuts look delicious.

Style Eyes said...

The Backstreet Boys sounds fun. Those donuts look yummy.

Laura|Daisychaindream said...

BSB and donuts in one post? You kill me Harriet, with envy! x

HazelxJoy said...

Drunk buying donuts, definitely better than a kebab!
I love Sundays spent pottering and just getting stuff done.

Sherin said...

Jealous you got to see the Backstreet boys!
And those doughnuts look delicious!

Maria Fallon said...

Doughnuts are my favourite and these look lush!

Maria xxx

Jo said...

Ahh I saw BSB on Thursday night in Glasgow! I was so impressed they still had the moves!

Lucy Green said...

I want one !!!!!