Monday, 14 April 2014

Clifton Nurseries


I have grand garden plans for the Easter Bank holiday, which involve crowbars and a lot of digging, so to get some inspiration James and I went to Clifton Nurseries in west London last week. I think it will be some time before we even get close to the landscaping and planting part of the garden, but it was still nice to look and remind ourselves that it will all be worth it eventually!

It's a perfect little garden centre in the centre of a square of grand houses, which must have a wonderful view!You wouldn't know it was there at all, but as you walk down the road you spot a little alleyway filled with plants and after walking down between the buildings you suddenly come out and you are surrounded by greenery.

We wandered around the flowers and plants (I have developed a love of ferns) for a while before popping into the beautiful but pricy restaurant for coffee and a cake. James had an opera cake (like off the bakeoff last year) and I had a lemon tart, and both were sooo good. Definitely worth the pennies.

Finally we had a bit of a wander round the local area - they are right by the beautiful canals and Little Venice - before making a few purchases - some compost and a few plant pots - not terribly exciting, but necessary! We now have a collection of little pots propagating on our window ledge filled with peppers, beans and a few flowers too.


Vicki said...

looks like you had such a lovely time, the food looks so good it isnt helping my wedding dress diet! xo :)

char said...

Oh gosh, I have so much gardening to do at the weekend - lots of allotment building and planting planned, so I'm very much hoping for nice weather.

Katie Frank said...

gardening is amazing `job` if i can name it that way in english.
i love flowers, plants, trees. i wish i had garden & i could do this.
you know, you always find the best places to visit <33

Lily Lipstick said...

This looks like a lovely place to visit! I don't have a garden but do want to get a little window box for my flat! x

Jane said...

This place looks cute, love the look of those desserts... I can't say I've been to many nurseries myself!