Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Ikea Haul


Is it bad to admit I quite like going to Ikea? Even on a bank holiday when it was totally packed and with most of the train lines down, so we had to go via four different modes of transport (tube, train, bus, tram)? Still good!

We ate meatballs and chips, of course, and then pottered around the display area before hitting the marketplace. The main shopping list items were more glasses, as we always seem to run out, a small rug for just inside the doorway, and a cheap bedside table for James, to work for now as I begin my next great ebay hunt after the media console - for the perfect midcentury pair of bedside tables!

We ticked off all three things, along with a few other bits and bobs which made it into our basket as well - thankfully going to Ikea by train does somewhat reduce the amount of stuff you can buy, or else I'm sure I would have overdone it! I mainly picked up some more kitchen things - tupperware as all of ours seems to be in constant use, a pizza wheel and an ice cream scoop - both vital implements, and extra clips for the excessive number of half open bags of things we always seem to have in the cupboards.

My favourite purchase was probably the Brokig side table/stool which we are using for James' bedside table. It was only £7 (I think it used to be £12 but they reduced it) and I really love the style. It will definitely get reused somewhere else in the house once we find the illusive vintage bedside tables I want.

I'm also really pleased with the Pluggis waste sorting bin, which we are using for corralling all our recycling into one place at the moment (Also £7), and the  hallway rug which was £20, but feels really sturdy and well made, and should stand up to a decent bit of wear and tear.


char said...

I have mixed feelings about Ikea. I sometimes think that I really want to go, mostly because someone has instagrammed something awesome, and then when I get there and it's busy and noisy and you can't find your way out, I wonder why I'd ever take myself to that place!
The flamingo glasses are probably worth the hassle though!

Jane said...

I love IKEA, not gonna lie sometimes I just go there to eat the meatballs... Nice haul! I went a few days ago and just bought a cheap wardrobe organising thing.

opportunityknits said...

Good buys! I like the colour of the stool, very pretty. I like to go to Ikea too, they serve great chicken wings here and of course, I like pottering about in the household section and pick up kitchen linens and other small items. I once bought a milk frother there for a few dollars!

Katie Frank said...

these buys are beautiful ! i feel like ikea is the best place on the earth :DD

Becky Alyssa said...

The pink stool is so cute!

I always find the larger rugs to be so expensive though - I think my favourite is ~£600 which is ridiculous for Ikea! I was given an Ikea rug by an ex, and didn't realise quite how expensive they are until I went to replace it..

Otherwise, there's always meatballs and hotdogs.

Peacock's Hat said...

I always love going to Ikea but my boyfriend hates it! I think its the driving to Milton Keynes that he hates mostly though, what with the twenty billion roundabouts he has to navigate. I absolutely love those flamingo glasses, I may have to try and convince of the need for a trip! Also, I LOVE those meatballs and chips.

Vicki said...

I love ikea. I got the brakig chairs for my kitchel table :) one pink and one green but im gonna go back and get two more. Love the idea of using the stool as a bedside table, clever! :) x

The Style Rawr said...

Who doesn't love going to IKEA!? I haven't been for a while so I'm definitely due another trip. Those little flamingo glasses are the cutest!

Tara x

Mary H said...

I love that stool! I wish we had it here but I don't think I've seen it. I would buy it in a heartbeat and then figure out where it would go later. ;)

Winnie said...

Funnily enough, we have about 6 of those stools for when we have lots of guests visiting - but I stole one to use as a bedside table as I have the most awkward space between my bed and the radiator. Mine is plain though and I can't help but wish it was pink like yours! I'm also very jealous of the flamingo glasses - I saw them and wanted to buy them!

Also - those plastic clips are the BEST! So useful.