Sunday, 13 April 2014

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. I love the look of mismatched chairs in  kitchen or dining room 2. Love Kristabel's scarf styling with Liberty 3. This loft apartment is stunning 4. the editor in chief of Domino magazine on the coveteur 5. This article on Beyonce's team is fascinating 6. Top 25 healthy breakfasts. The quinoa pancakes are very intriguing!

Today is the London Marathon. I have lived in Blackheath, where the start line is, nearly my whole life, so the marathon has always been a huge part of my year. As a spectator only I must add! For me it always instills that local pride, a bit like how I felt when the Olympics were on. The 'this is my home and it is part of something big' feeling. When I was little my parents used to put up marathon runners overnight before the big day, and we always went down to watch it. In previous years when we've been in Oxford I have forced James to sit and watch the whole thing on tv!

This year the runners actually go right past my road - so we stumbled down hungover after my cousin's wedding on Saturday to cheer them on. Two of James' friends are running this year, so looking out to spot them in the crowd was fun, not to mention seeing Mo Farah speed by!

Happy Sunday!


Maria Fallon said...

The marathon is just insane, I am totally in awe of all the people who manage to run it!

Maria xxx

SJP said...

How exciting to be able to watch it all from your house, you know in real life, as opposed to from the telly in your house... must be a fantastic atmosphere. I've just finished reading Running Like a Girl by Alexandra Heminsley and it's almost enough to make me want to try it one year.