Sunday, 27 April 2014

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. Queen Kylie in Vogue 2. This home looks so warm and inviting 3. Carrie went to Glastonbury 4. This is the cutest thing 5. This lookbook is dreamy 6. A bit belated but I love these Easter eggs

It's Sunday which means I have to go back to work tomorrow, after a week and a half off - boo!  And if that wasn't bad enough, the tubes are on strike as well!

It's been such a nice relaxing holiday though, I did a lot of blog stuff, cleared out the front garden, went shopping, watched a lot of youtube videos, that sort of thing! Highlight of the week was probably getting my pie post from Thursday tweeted about by Pieminister themselves - thanks guys!

This weekend has mostly been soent celebrating my Dad's birthday on Saturday, and then doing jobs about the house (endless washing and ironing) to make sure we are ready for the work week ahead. So not the most exciting weekend ever, but a much needed back to reality check.

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