Thursday, 17 April 2014

The great media console hunt


Good news people-who-care-about-the-state-of-my-living-room! The hunt for the perfect media console is over!

My parents bought us this rather beautiful tv for Christmas (James' choice of present - but our old one was second hand from my sister and pretty small so I admit I do rather like it) and it has been living on the coffee table ever since, as I've been searching (and failing to find) the perfect media console ever since.

At first I was pretty sure I wanted a modern one because I hate seeing wires dangling all over the place, and the thought of cutting a hole in the back of a vintage cupboard or sideboard to avoid them fills me with horror. Unfortunately the console also had to fit in this quite narrow alcove, and it turns out all modern media consoles under 95cm wide are ugly or very expensive. Frustratingly everything I liked seemed to be about 110cm, and I got totally obsessed with finding the perfect sized console.

I ended up turning to ebay and looking at vintage options. Like everyone on the internet I love midcentury furniture, and I dream of sideboards and Eames chairs, but after sifting through so many not-quite-right-but-nearly cupboards and record cabinets (the 1950s version of a media console!) this is actually my first ever ebay purchase!

It's ended up being just right though, and even better the seller is only 15 minutes down the road from me! Exorbitant delivery charges definitely put me off a few otherwise perfect pieces of furniture, but this even fitted in the back of my mum's car (Just! Thanks Mum!) I still dislike the dangling wires you can see, but I think if I get a few cable tidies I should be able to make them look a lot better, and James is pretty happy that his xbox now gets pride of place.

The cupboard itself is teak, which is the same as our now back-in-use coffee table, and they go really well together. It still has the original 'Avalon' sticker on the inside, who I understand were a furniture maker in the 60s and 70s. It's a little damaged on the bottom, and by all accounts Avalon aren't known for being the best quality ever, but I love the look, and it was a good price. I can see it making a good hallway telephone table if we ever move to a bigger house, but for now it fits in my little home perfectly.


char said...

I think it looks great - I love little home posts like this, but I never think to do my own - this is most likely down to the fact that I hate my current flat at the moment and can't wait to find a house I like.

Jane said...

Haha I get what you mean about being obsessive about finding the perfect item! Good find, it's quite nice :)

Matthew Pike said...

first ebay purchase, now way! a cracker too, and just down the road you say.

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