Sunday, 18 May 2014

A picture of the week


The cycling training is getting serious now with only a month to go until London to Brighton! I spent yesterday doing a 42km trip around East London on my bike, under the Greenwich foot tunnel and then all round the Isle of Dogs and up through West Ham to finish up at the Olympic Park. It was fun although I got lost a lot and ended up in some slightly sketchy areas... I never really noticed cycle paths before, but now I am reliant on them I realise how often they are poorly signposted, end in the middle of no where, or are potholed and in a total state of disrepair. I can definitely see why cylists get so passionate about their sport - a few months in and I am already considering writing a letter to my MP! 

The evening was a bit more relaxing - I went to my parents for Pimms in the garden and a simple but delicious dinner of salmon and salad. Today I am seeing my sister and maybe going to see the Advanced Style documentary if I can find a cinema still showing it.

Happy weekend!


Jane said...

42km! Wow! I've noticed that about cycle paths here as well, in addition to not to trust google maps for them haha - I ended up in a dead end in a dodgy industrial area last week!

Kat Q said...

So true about cycle paths! So many schemes are infuriatingly half added and short notice term ish and completely disconnected from any long term strategy and it makes my job SO much harder. That said, I cycled to Bath yesterday and there was a well signposted, safe, mostly off road (and when it was on road they were quiet roads) route basically from my front door to central Bath, which is I think about 17 miles. In conclusion, come to Bristol!

Kat Q said...

There were also multiple pubs on the route, so clearly it was well thought out.

Matthew Pike said...

First I've heard about your LDN to Brighton ride, that's ace! I have a mate who did that on fixed gear, madman.

Buckets & Spades

Chloe Martin-Brown said...

Cycle path signposting is one of my biggest hates- so difficult to work with. Hope you enjoyed some sunny riding- if you fancy it, I'd love to ride with you at some point! Bloggers Bike Ride lol.