Thursday, 29 May 2014

Bedside Beauty


I had a voucher for House of Fraser from work and ended up picking up a few new beauty bits. They are currently sitting on my bedside table as I tend to use them last thing at night and first thing in the morning.

Origins have been doing a deal recently in a number of department stores where if you buy a 50ml pot of day moisturiser, you get a cute little 30ml tub of Night-a-Mins night cream free. To take advantage of this I picked up the Ginseng Energy Boosting moisturiser for day, which smells just amazing. The Night-a-Mins I have used before, and has a lovely sweet orange scent. It's usually quite expensive (at least it seems expensive to me!) so this was a pretty excellent freebie. It always feels so luxurious and rich, and you only need a little bit to cover your face so it does last for ages. The Ginseng day cream has a much fresher scent, which is perfect for day, and is obviously a lot lighter, but no less luxurious.

I have had really dry skin on my cheeks for some reason lately (I don't know if it is the weather?) so these two have been the perfect combination to treat this, I genuinely get excited to moisturise these days!

I also purchased a handcream from Rituals in the scent Mandarin and Mint. I had a Rituals body wash a while back in a beauty box I think, and it just smelt amazing. I bought this unsniffed, but I was pretty confident it would smell good, and I was not disappointed. It has a beautiful fresh scent that is not too sweet, and just a little bit musky. I am pretty obsessive about hand cream, and always have one near by, so my hands are in pretty decent condition anyway, but this does give them an extra boost every time I use them, and my skin feels silky soft.


City Girl's Fashion Box said...

Ooh I'm yet to try the Ginseng Energy Boosting moisturiser, but I adore the eye cream :) x

City Girl's Fashion Box said...

Ooh I'm yet to try the Ginseng Energy Boosting moisturiser, but I adore the eye cream :) x

Jack Shant said...

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Laura//daisychaindream said...

I love Rituals products, I have one of their body butters and a hand cream and they both smell SO good (and really work!) x