Thursday, 1 May 2014

Debenhams Lingerie Event


Last week I was invited by Debenhams to attend their special Bra Fit Event, at the Oxford Street store. The store itself has recently undergone a revamp and is looking pretty shiny - it's much more spacious and light than previously, and you can see much more easily around the whole store. The event was all about bra fittings, with a session by Freya (one of my fave lingerie brands for the larger busted lady), Triumph, and a Shock Absorber session all about sports bras too. 

In particular they were promoting the Debenhams DD plus range which contains so many beautiful bras. It is so nice to see so many styles available for larger cup sizes, and hearing from Freya about all the effort which goes into ensuring that everyone has the perfect fit, no matter the size or shape.

I was fitted twice - once by Curvy Kate (another gorgeous brand for the ample bosomed among us) and once by Freya, and both came out with the same decision - I was wearing the wrong size by a long way! The fitters were both really nice, and I felt so comfortable with them, and they increased my assets from an already curvy 32DD, to a magnificent (if I do say so myself!) 28F!

The only slight downside for me is that this is a more unusual size, and so Debenhams don't actually stock this size in store (although both Freya and Curvy Kate do make them, and they are available online). This did slightly take away my enjoyment of the day, as there was so much beautiful lingerie on sale and nothing for me to buy! I did end up picking up this beautiful set of Freya undies from their new collection, which was literally the only bra in the shop in my size. Good thing I liked it!

Overall I had a great time, and I especially would recommend the excellent ladies on the fitting rooms, who did a fantastic job, and were really helpful. It's always a little intimidating getting undressed in front of someone else, but they made me feel really comfortable. I do just wish there was a bit more of a range of sizes stocked, as I did actually want to part with my money for once!


Jane said...

Ooh so pretty! To be honest the last time I got a proper bra fitting was about 5 years ago, I just feel so awkward with people poking my boobs! I should probably do some research as to which stores do good bra fittings in Sydney and get it done properly.

Katie Frank said...

yay this lingerie is so beautiful. i must buy new bra..

Sammy Scribble said...

I work in a Debenhams lingerie department and do bra fitting and I love the Freya range although we don't stock any my size (32D) in store : [ but they are great to fit with and fantastic for a larger bust it's just a shame we never have any 28's in store.

Jo said...

Oooh that looks lovely, and I'm usually very fussy with bras. Funnily enough I got measured properly yesterday (was wearing 32D but actually a 30DD/E) and got kitted out with two pretty Panache bras :)

Dizzy Tea said...

Oh, goodness! I love the pattern! This style is so flattering on the figure. I wonder if I know my bra size correctly, never got fitted by a pro but I have a feeling I need it.

char said...

I really need to go and have a proper fitting - the range of sizes I have in my bra drawer is ridiculous and more often than not I know I'm not wearing the right size.

Maria Fallon said...

This is a very pretty set! I think I am wearing the right size but I should probably go for a fitting, it has been a while!

Maria xxx

Lily Lipstick said...

So pretty! I wish I always wore matching underwear sets although I don't think I actually have any! x