Sunday, 11 May 2014

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. Love these amazing scarves 2. Grace Coddington's apartment is exactly as wacky and amazing as you'd expect 3. An old photo shoot but a goody 4. I am trying to persuade my boyfriend we need a skylight in our kitchen 5. My hunt for the perfect grown up wardrobe led me to this amazing website 6. I love the look of these salads

Happy weekend! For a four day week here in the UK it sure felt like a long one. I couldn't believe when I woke up and it was only Wednesday! Saturday was a quiet day with some tidying, and dodging in and out of rainstorms running errands.

Today I'm going with my parents to The Modern Show - a midcentury furniture show which is taking place in East London. I saw a few bloggers went to the last one held in Dulwich college and it looked like all my favourite things (shopping! vintage! midcentury!) in one place, so I signed up asap to the mailing list and bought my tickets to the next one. My parents also love antiques and furniture, it's definitely something I inherited from them, and although their main 'period' is Art Deco rather than the 50s and 60s they were interested in coming along. Plus my dad agreed to drive, meaning no having to lump any purchases home on the tube!

Tonight I think James and I will have a quite evening in - we've been meaning to watch Frozen since it came out at the cinema, so I think maybe we'll rent it and curl up on the sofa.


Laura|Daisychaindreamq said...

I love Grace Coddington so much! I want to be her x

City Girl's Fashion Box said...

Will you be blogging about the show? Sounds interesting! :)

Jane said...

Sounds like you've got a good day planned, if you get anything from the show - show & tell!

Kristabel Plummer said...

Great links as always! That Into Mind blog is amazing, really useful stuff!