Monday, 19 May 2014

Midcentury Bits and Bats


I mentioned last weekend that I went to the Modern Show with my parents, and this is what ended up coming home with me. I saw a lot of lovely things I liked a lot, but they were mostly big and expensive, and I feel like if I'm going to be spending all our money and bringing something huge home I probably should let James have a say first (I mean, unless its really nice and I just know he'd come to love it...) I figure smaller things are fair game though, and I fell head over heels for this pretty bowl and salad spoons. 

I love the pattern on the bowl, and the colours go really nicely with my living room. I'll definitely use it to serve salad or crisps, but at the moment it mostly sits on the coffee table looking pretty.

The salad servers were actually a much needed item, as we don't have any and I do eat a reasonable amount of salad, and trying to pick it up with a dessert spoon just wasn't working. I didn't think I'd ever see a pair this attractive though, so I snapped them up. They were probably on the higher end of what you'd pay for a new set of salad servers but I really couldn't leave them behind!


Matthew Pike said...

small things have always got the potential to sneak in. keen on this myself, can't say i've seen one like it before.

Buckets & Spades

char said...

Oh, I'm such a sucker for pretty homewares at the moment but I'm trying to ban myself until I've moved.

Maria Fallon said...

I am on a homeware ban until I move but there are so many pretty things I have my eye on! I particularly love this bowl, the colours are lovely :)

Maria xxx

Anonymous said...

That's a very unusual pair of salad servers, but I love it! I really like the fact that the rim of the bowl is asymmetric. Fun pieces!

Saskia /

SJ said...

Didn't think I could get so excited by a pair of salad servers but those are very nice - we're currently using a plastic 'get set for BBQ' type bowl purchased in a BBQ emergency in the supermarket last year, which I HATE!

Jane said...

You picked up nice things - I love those salad servers!

Lily Lipstick said...

Love this bowl! I can never resist picking up bits like this! x