Monday, 26 May 2014

My Grown Up Wardrobe Two


I had such a good response ot my first blog post on building a more grown up and better quality wardrobe, and I absolutely loved reading everyone's thoughts in the comments on quality vs price, and whether high end clothes were worth it.

As part of my move to build a better quality work wardrobe I decided on Saturday I would catalogue everything I own and wear regularly to work. I was definitely very influenced by Into Mind, and this post on building a capsule wardrobe in particular. I really recommend this website if you are intrested in redefining your wardrobe. 

Because I work in quite a corporate environment it is quite easy for me to segregate my work clothes from my weekend clothes, but of course weekend clothes are more fun so I own way more of them! Including shoes and a few accessories the above totals 32 items, which I don't think it actually that much at all considering this is all I wear for five days a week. No wonder everything is looking a bit tatty! The breakdown is:

Four skirts - all decent quality, although one is wollen and i only wear it in winter, and needs the hem sewing up
One jacket - in very much need to a friend as I wear it to every meeting I go to at the moment
Five cardigans - of which one needs fixing as there is a slight tear at the hem
Three pairs of shoes - all in a decent state, but I'd like two more pairs ideally so I could wear a different pair each day to avoid wearing through them so quickly
Three scarves - I have a few more (see my scarves post for details!) but these are the ones I wear most often to work
One belt - which I wear with everything as no other belt is ever as good
One watch - which needs a new battery
Four dresses - of which one is probably a little too short for work but I can get away with it in the office
Ten tops - of which at least four are pretty worn out and could do with replacing

It's actually pretty interesting to me seeing all of my clothes laid out like this (although it took me a bloody long time to do!) as although I knew I had a pretty definite work uniform, I don't think I quite realised to what extent! I think I've become pretty good at knowing what I like and what I wear a lot, and ensuring that everything I purchase goes with everything else. 

In the case of my work wardrobe (and probably my weekend wardrobe too!) I like navy blue, with primarily grey and black but a little colour here and there. I wear a lot of pencil skirts, never trousers, and three quarter length sleeve tops which ideally don't need ironing! Dresses are mostly jersey (again minimal ironing!) and knee length and I like smark ladylike flats, as I can never be bothered with heels in the morning.

I can now see clearly what categories I need to purchase more items for (jackets are a must now I attend more meetings), what needs replacing (almost half my tops) and what needs mending (a skirt and a cardigan). It's also interesting after my thoughts on quality, and whether it's worth spending a lot of money on individual items to see that two of the things that have held up the best over the years are two plain jersey tops from Miss Selfridge, which were very affordable.

I found this exercise really helpful, and if you are interested in doing something similar I would definitely recommend not only taking all your clothes out of the wardrobe but photographing them so you can see everything at once as well, to help you work out what you need to improve.


Anonymous said...

Yeh, I think this is a really useful exercise! I have to wear certain types of clothes to work and I tend to go towards comfortable trousers that are usually 3/4 length and simple blouses or tops.

I think I'm going to try to do this as well!

Saskia /

Amy Elizabeth said...

I love Into Mind! I've been trying to be more intentional about what I buy this year - more 'classic' pieces and less fashion frenzies that I won't want to wear this time next year (I'm looking at you dungarees...). I've not done this exercise, however - maybe a good next step!

Jane said...

I love this post, I think I'd like to try it as well (although flat-lays are so hard!). I've also found that some of my most hard-working, well wearing items are from affordable, fast-fashion places people might not associate with quality.

City Girl's Fashion Box said...

Love this post Harriet, Its so easy to get carried away and buy clothing that you don't need. I completely stripped back my closet last year, making a list of what I actually wore and it was a real insight! x

SJ said...

I try to conduct a wardrobe edit every six months, though I'm lucky enough to wear pretty much what I like to work so mostly it's just to weed out items I no longer wear. This is a great way to demonstrate your workwear – everything looks so coordinated :)

Rebecca Young said...

I returned to work in a corporate environment about a year ago. My work wear is mainly black, white and dark grey. I nearly always wear white blouses, dark grey or black jackets and dark grey or black knee length skirts. I was persuaded to start wearing trousers in November and probably now wear trousers instead of a skirt twice a week.

Matthew Pike said...

This is a pretty interesting way of going about this, defo handy for seeing what you need more of and really figuring out your work/weekend style.

Buckets & Spades

Mary H said...

This is really smart! I desperately need new clothes...maybe if I catalogued them it would be easier to see exactly what I need. I think it makes perfect sense to have a "work uniform" with lots of similar pieces that go together as it makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier. :)