Sunday, 8 June 2014

A picture of the week


This has been a pretty good week I'd say. I've been out a lot - a work night out on Thursday led to a very painful day on Friday, and I kept discovering people were going to hold me to things I'd agreed to while drunk! Thus far I have discovered I joined a lottery syndicate, and agreed to go see The Eagles with someone in a couple of weeks?! Last night James and I went with his brother Will and Will's girlfriend Fidelma to see Cirque Du Soleil at the O2. It was just amazing. I so recommend you go if you get the chance.

On Tuesday my work's women's network organised a debate about whether quotas were the way forward to get more diversity in business. I went into the debate pretty unsure of my views on quotas (feeling like something had to change but at the same time knowing I wouldn't want to ever feel like I got a promotion or a job just for being a woman) but I have to say by the end of it I was more convinced by the 'for quotas' team than the against.

I firmly believe companies and governments are better run when there is a good range of diversity in the management doing the running, and that was something which both sides of the debate agreed on. Without some way to build up a critical mass of - in this case - women in that management though, we're just going to putter along as we are for the next 25 or more years.

I usually find debates quite awkward (I can't stand watching parliamentary debates because everyone is so rude to each other and it feels like they are just out to score points, not actually get anything done) but one of the things I enjoyed about this one was that everyone was really polite and respectful of each other, and not afraid to say when they agreed with the opposition, which I admire. I can't help but wonder if part of the reason it was such a positive experience was because both teams were 50:50 men and women.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very interesting debate. There are similar issues in the medical workforce, in that over half of doctors are women, but only a minority become consultants.

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