Monday, 2 June 2014

Instagram April and May

1. prepping for my cousin's wedding 2. watching the London Marathon from the end of my road 3. the prettiest house 4. an epic lunch at Byron

1. the finest pizza in the land 2. lying in the sun. my favourite way to spend a sunday afternoon 3. off on an adventure to Plymouth with the sunday papers 4. the caffeine club is a 24 hour coffee and ice cream parlour. such a genius idea.

1. went to ikea and built a stool 2. my mum passes on all her old magazines. bliss! 3. first pimms of the season 4. a few new bits and bats

The last two months through instagram. You can follow me there at whereisharriet.


Jane said...

Gosh that pizza looks good. 24 hour coffee and ice cream parlour is genius indeed, haha.

Lily Lipstick said...

I need to visit the 24 hour coffee shop - sometimes get so annoyed that I can't get a coffee after 7pm! x

Katie Frank said...

these photos are awesome, yay ! you made me wanna eat pizza <33