Monday, 9 June 2014

My grown up wardrobe three


In my last grown up wardrobe post I took stock of all my work clothes to work out what I had, and importantly what I needed. Now it's coming to the fun part - writing a shopping list! Almost all my work clothes are in shades of blue, white, black and grey, with a little bit of pink and orange in there so it isn't too dull. I will make sure to stick to this colour scheme when shopping, to ensure anything new I purchase goes with everything I already own. 

The above are examples of items which would fit into my shopping list, but this is definitely a list I will be crossing off over a number of months, rather than going out tomorrow to puchase everything linked above (I wish I could afford that!)

My shopping list consists of:

2 pairs of shoes - one pair of flats, one pair of wedges or low comfortable heels
2 jackets - one black/navy, one in a lighter fabric for summer
1 new skirt - preferably a knee length pencil skirt in a fabric which is wearable all year round
3-4 new tops - ideally three quarter length sleeves in a jersey fabric or anything which doesn't wrinkle!
1-2 new dresses - knee length, again should need minimal ironing.
1 new handbag - grey or black and big enough to carry all my crap around!
1 new cardigan - grey or black

As mentioned previously I am trying to spend a little bit more on my clothes, and take a step up in terms of quality (and price, le sigh) in the hopes that my things stay looking nice for longer. Brands I will be looking at are J Crew, Cos, & Other Stories, Hobbs, Jaeger, Jigsaw, Uniqlo and John Lewis (I love their Kin range). If you have any other suggestions of where to look though, I'd really welcome them.


Sherin said...

Love this work wear wish list. I'm lucky I can still wear jeans to the office, but I still need pieces like this for meetings.

Laura//daisychaindream said...

I love this list, the grey dress is gorgeous! xx

Lily Lipstick said...

I love that jacket! Zara have some great work wear at the moment, although I still haven't had time to actually try any of it on or buy it! x

Kimberlee said...

Great picks! Definitely should invest in quality pieces that last longer :)

Maria Fallon said...

I love your picks here, our office has a VERY relaxed dress code but I do miss gorgeous tailoring and things like this!

Maria xxx

Style Eyes said...

Love your grown up wardrobe picks. My favourite brands at the moment are People Tree and Skunkfunk. Although they are both slightly more expensive than the high street, they have more individual styles and the clothes are beautifully (and ethically) made.

Imogen said...

So classy. I think the flats and the jacket are my favourites.