Thursday, 10 July 2014

My Makeup Brush Collection


Since getting more into make up over the past few years I have been slowly building up my make up brush collection. I have definitely found that using the right tools helps even someone as cack-handed as me get my makeup looking natural and put together, and not like I've used Homer Simpson's patented make up gun to put it on!

I don't have a lot of brushes, I am building up my collection slowly, and trying to read a lot of beauty blogs and make sure I am buying exactly the right tool for the job. After reading a lot of reviews I started off with the Real Techniques Core collection, which I have since recommended to a lot of friends looking to pick up a reasonably priced set of starter brushes.

It comes with four brushes - a foundation brush and detailer brush which I don't use much - I don't find the foundation brush that great for blending, and the detail brush is just too small for me - but the two in the picture above are the buffing brush and contour brush which I use every day. The buffing brush is great for foundation, and making sure you don't look too cakey as it distributes the product really evenly, and the contour brush which I use for concealer around my eye and nose area.

I also picked up a really cheap eye shadow brush from Topshop a while back which I don't think they sell any more. It was quite cheap as I remember, about £6 maybe, but it has lasted really well and feels very good quality. I just use it for putting shadow all over my lids, mainly with cream eyeshadows as it isn't so great at picking up the product with powder shadows.

My most recent purchase was the gorgeous Bobbi Brown blush brush. This is the most expensive brush I own, at a slightly eye watering £35, but it is also definitely the nicest and best quality of all my brushes. It just makes applying blush so easy and effortless. I cannot rate it highly enough.

On my radar next are a powder brush and a slightly better eyeshadow brush. For eyes the one that constantly gets recommended is the Mac 217 blending brush but I'm still on the hunt for the perfect powder brush. 

Naturally like any good blogger I store my brushes in a cleaned out candle jar. Not a dyptique one alas (too expensive!) but this one I won in a blog competition from Matt ages ago does the job just as well.


Joanna. said...

I've also got the 217 on my wishlist! I find the detailer Real Techniques brush useful for smoking out my eyeliner if I want a softer look, or just applying a darker shadow along my lashline. It sat in my holder for ages before I started trying to find ways to use it :)

SJ said...

I've recently purchased the RT Core Collection (I found it n sale in TK Maxx) so that's my first plunge into the world of make-up brushes. I haven't tested them out yet but I'm looking forward to giving the buffing brush a whirl.

Katie Frank said...

wow you must be very good at make-ups. I'm so bad haha I don't have any brush </3

HazelxJoy said...

I've been eyeing up the RT set. I have the blusher brush which is really nice. At just over £20 they're not bad value really.