Thursday, 28 August 2014

Each Peach Pear Plum


London has gotten very autumnal over the past week or two, and I spent the bank holiday Monday avoiding the rain and busying myself with indoor activities. My grandparents gave me a lot of plums from their garden last week so I stewed them with some cooking apples to make a fruit topping for my breakfast.

I don't really think this even qualifies as a recipe, I just sliced the plums in half and removed the stones, and peeled and sliced a couple of large cooking apples, then added three teaspoons of sugar, and three table spoons of water. I heated them on the stove with the lid on until the fruit softened, and then took the lid off and continued to cook them until they had reduced to a thick consistancy.

Eat with unsweetned greek yoghurt and maybe some granola (Next I need to make granola!). This freezes really well as well, so if you do have access to a fruit tree then it's a great way to make use of all the fruit you can't eat before it goes bad.


Jane said...

This is a good idea! I reckon apples and plums might be good for a pie filling as well.

Rachel said...

Make granola! Homemade granola is the best ever.

My favourite thing to compote for breakfast is forced rhubarb:

Maria Fallon said...

I love stewed fruit! My plums with Amaretto are pretty scrummy too, just not for breakfast!

Maria xxx

Katie Frank said...

mmmm i love plums :) grandparents know what's the best :) i've never tried this dish before, i always prepare plums - compote ;)