Sunday, 3 August 2014

Lazy Sunday Links

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wallpaper flowers
sofia coppola flat
1. style crushing on olivia palermo 2. lil's epic (and prize winning!) yoghurt and courgette bread 3. I am nuts for this wallpaper 4. a trip to the san fran flower market with sfgirlbybay 5. when I grow up I want to be sofia coppola 6. love this eclectic flat

It's the weekend! And I am half way through my holiday. I have to say I've been feeling pretty weekendy all week - it's been a totally chilled time, a few jobs, I feel like we've forgotten something and had to go to asda pretty much every day(!), and some laid back fun things too. On Tuesday we went to the British Library to see the Comics Unmasked exhibition, and on Friday to a free lunchtime concert quite local to us at Charlton House. We were the youngest people there by about 40 years, but the music was beautiful. A violinist with a piano accompaniment, we listened to some Schubert and Ravel. It's been ages since I just sat and listened to some music, so it was a lovely experience.

I really enjoyed the Comics Unmasked exhibition as well - though it was quite busy and a little difficult to see everything. What I found interesting was the had any sexual content cordoned off in a separate room, but the often incredibly violent images were just part of the main exhibition. Parental supervision is required for anyone under 16 to see the exhibit, but I just thought it was interesting that images of violence has become so normalised while sex is still so taboo. The exhibition was primarily around British Comic book artists, creators and graphic novelists, and it was good learning about our own comic history.

This weekend James and I went to a wedding (number three of the year!) of our friends Amy and Neil. It was in beautiful Lewes in Sussex and it was just a gorgeous day. Sore heads all round this morning though!

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