Monday, 25 August 2014

London Restaurant Wishlist


Eating out is pretty much my favourite thing to do. Mainly because I love to eat, but don't love to cook. I tend to find the five or six restaurants I like though, and stick to them religiously until I get bored and I am getting to the point where I think I need ot branch out. Inspired by The SW6 I decided to make a list of all those places I've been meaning to try for ages, but haven't quite made it to yet...

Sodo Pizza - It's local, and it makes sour dough pizza. How have I not visited yet?

Patty and Bun - I think this needs to be next on my listin my hunt for the perfect burger joint.

DF Mexico - Mexican is probably my favourite cuisine and after reading about this place on What Katie Does it made it up my to eat list pretty quick.

The Pudding Bar - James hates that I like to eat different courses at different restaurants (he finds it really awkward when I go to places and just ask for a dessert menu!) so I feel like this is perfect solution. A bar which just serves pudding.

Bone Daddy's - mmmmmramen. That is all.

Albion Cafe - sometimes you just need baked goods.

Hawksmoor - the most expensive place on the list. One for a special treat I think, but the steak sounds amazing.

Brockley Market - Not quite a restaurant, butthis is so close to where I live and I can't believe I've never been. It is definitely happening soon.

What's on your restaurant wishlist, and do you have any suggestions for me that I need to add?!


Rachel said...

Bone Daddy's and Patty & Bun (don't worry, it is not just you!) are also on my list, but I need to push you in the direction of Albion for breakfast if you are the sort of person who likes kidneys on toast. They do the dish to perfection, and that dish is the only reason I always suggest it for East London breakfast meetings!

Lily Lipstick said...

Patty & Bun is so good! I've only been once but I feel like that might be enough for my arteries but its definitely a "must eat". The Pudding Bar sounds amazing - I have such a sweet tooth and could quite happily skip a main and just have dessert! x

Catherine said...

I can confirm that Sodo is great! I love their sweet potato and feta pizza.

SJP said...

There is a place that just serves dessert!? I need to visit immediately!

Katie Frank said...

i must remember go back to this post when i go to london <3 you made me want pizza <3

Style Eyes said...

Wow, I love eating out, so many places on my wish list! These all sound amazing. I love the South American food at Las Iguanas in Bristol.