Thursday, 7 August 2014

Shake Shack


It has been nearly a year since I first tried Five Guys - one of two burger chains to make it across the pond from the states. Last week I went to try our its rival - Shake Shack, to see how they compare.

Shake Shack is based in Covent Garden, which is a fab location, and being able to snag a table in the of the covered market made it a perfect spot for lunch and people watching. I ordered a double cheeseburger, chips & cheese, and a peanut butter milkshake. James my ever agreeable dining companion (willingness to sit through me rearranging his plates for food photos being the main qualification required in exchange for me buying him dinner!) went for the Shack Stack - one beef burger and one mushroom burger, chips and a homemade lemonade.

At Five Guys the burgers blew me away, but I was less impressed with the chips (not American enough) or the drink selection (too American - I don't like fizzy drinks or beer so my only option was water). Shake Shack turned out to be pretty much the opposite. The burger were ok, nothing amazing, and a little too greasy even for me. The chips were epic though, and the cheesy sauce was delish. I did love the milkshake as well, it was full of flavou, but perhaps slightly too thick and sweet - I could barely get it up the straw! James choice of home made lemonade was probably a better one - much more refreshing after such a heavy and greasy meal.

I was also a little taken a back by the price. Overall our meals came to over £30 which felt like a bit much for a fast food restaurant. We did both size up on the burgers, which in retrospect was a mistake (I didn't finish everything, and still felt a little bit ill for the rest of the day), but the milkshake was £5 on its own, which seemed like a hefty price compared to other similar restaurants.

Ultimately I don't think either of these quite hit the spot for me. I've still not tried any of the likes of Patty and Bun or Meatliquor so I feel like the perfect burger joint is still out there, I just need to keep eating til I find it!


Sophie said...

I much prefer Five Guys and am so excited to be getting one in my home town! The cajun chips were to die for!

Chloe Martin-Brown said...

Bloody hell- £5 for a milkshake is basically extortion. I love a good burger, and I get the love for the Americana making it through but it still amazes me that we'll all queue and pay for some of what's out there. I don't know if it's the miser in me, or just because I like to cook, but recently I've felt super jaded on paying restaurant bills where the service has been substandard and I could have put together a better burger myself.

Jane said...

Hmm I personally prefer the Shake Shack burgers! But yeah it's quite expensive for a burger + fries meals.

Bette said...

I went to Shake Shack for the first time (also my first time trying one of these new American style burger joints that are so hip now) this week! I liked my food, but was underwhelmed by what you get for the price. I had the Smoke Shack burger which was tasty, but the bread bun was very reminiscent of McDonalds. At £7 (SEVEN QUID!) for the burger I decided to skip fries, and was still rather peckish after my meal. Tasty, but I think I would have rather paid £4 (or whatever the going rate for a Big Mac is these days, I'm not quite sure!) and come away stuffed and with that slightly queasy guilt that follows greasy over-indulgence!

Matthew Pike said...

£30 for 2 does seem quite a lot really, for casual dining. £5 for a milkshake I can live with if it's ace. I went to Patty and Bun last week, was about £10 each I reckon, very sloppy though.

Buckets & Spades

Teffy Perk said...

Ye I felt both Shake Shack & Five Guys in London had too steep prices for what you get. Especially with places like Patty & Bun around.

{Teffy's Perks} X

Mary H said...

I don't like 5 Guys fries either, which I guess is a bit disloyal of me because the chain started in my area with just a few local shops. I don't like curly fries or spicy fries. Fries are so good on their own with just a bit of salt; why do restaurants always feel the need to mess with perfection? Haha. I do like reading about how other people perceive American burgers and fries though.:) Also, I think I need to try a peanut butter shake!

Maria Fallon said...

Those fries do look lush but that is VERY expensive! I love making burgers at home and it is much cheaper (and usually nicer!)

Maria xxx

Barbara said...

Those burgers look great!

Catherine said...

That's pretty ridiculous seeing as at Shake Shack in New York I had a burger, fries, drink and frozen custard for about £10!!