Monday, 11 August 2014

What's in my bag


A new handbag means a new whats in my bag post, naturally! This bag was actually a very generous gift from one Lulu Guinness fan to another. A friend of my mum's is a big fan of Lulu Guinness' accessories, but was looking for a new home for a couple of things she no longer wanted, and knowing I was also a collector (albeit with a much smaller but still very treasured collection!) she passed this pretty birdcage handbag on to me.

I love the size and shape - it's big enough to fit my tablet in it, along with all my other bits and bobs, and if I take the tablet out it will also fit my camera at a squeeze too. The colour and fabric make it such a perfect summer bag. I added a vintage scarf to the handle to make it feel extra summery.

Inside I have my tablet (galaxy note 10.1) in a case from the Snugg, my iphone 5, vintage sunglasses which keep falling apart. Thus far I have been able to find the screw each time and put them back together but it's probably only a matter of time until I loose it and they are finally kaput. My keys, with an owl keyring James bought me and my Nectar and Waitrose key fobs (the Waitrose one is particularly good for free coffee when I shop!) and my sony headphones, which are the best quality for the price I have every tried.

I also have my purse, a reusable bag from Primark which is handy to have on me to avoid plastic bags, my Oystercard, a compact mirror from Muji, 17 stay time concealer for touch ups on the go, and my newest Mac lipstick in Ladybug, which is the perfect daytime red. It was my latest Back to Mac when I recycled some old packaging and I am so happy with my choice!


Sophie said...

I'm a Lulu Guinness fanatic too although only earn one bag at the minute. I'm working on saving for another! Love this one!

char said...

Oh what a beautiful bag!!

Kimberlee said...

What an adorable bag! I wouldn't have thought you could fit so much in it :)

Sherin said...

Such a pretty bag. So in love with the birdcage design.

Mary H said...

That bag is lovely! What a sweet gift. :)

Lily Lipstick said...

I love birds - this bag is so cute! x

jennie said...

Such a gorgeous bag! <3 xx

Anonymous said...

what a stunning bag!!! Officially obsessed with it!