Sunday, 28 September 2014

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. Zoella's new beauty line looks so pretty 2. Kate's post on decorating on a budget is right on the mney (pun intended) 3. Salmon is pretty much my favourite food, so this post is perfect 4. Lessons from a Tuscan life 5. I love Daniel's dining room make over 6. When I grow up I want to be a baker

So hey, long time no blog. Again. I know I keep taking breaks, and for ages I've been beating myself up about it, but I've decided to stop stressing about it any longer. I'd rather blog when I want to and when I have something interesting to say than keep forcing myself to blog when I don't feel like it. So that's the last blog post I start with an 'oops I forgot to blog' non-apology! Probably.

This weekend has been spent painting my living room wall after the plaster finally dried out. We had a damp problem which we got fixed about two months ago, but it was six weeks until we could repaint and then we just didn't find time for a couple more. I'm happy my living room is starting to look less like a building site finally though. The bare plaster was not a great look. 

It was the first time we have decorated with the kitties being around, so we had to trick them into going into the bedroom then shut them in for the day. I felt bad. They were pretty grumpy at me when we let them out.  In my guilt I then fed them many treats. I think we all know who the real smartypants in this house are.


Victoria Nightingale said...

I love the look of Zoella's beauty line, it's so pretty :)

Katie Frank said...

sunday without your links wouldn't be a probler sunday :D :)

Abi S said...

I'm so excited to try out Zoella's beauty stuff! And aw hahah hope the cats have forgiven you!! Abi :)

Maria Fallon said...

Ahh the cats sound sneaky! :)

Maria xxx