Thursday, 4 September 2014

Muji To Sleep app review


I'd say 80-90% of the time I sleep really well, and don't have too many issues drifting off, or even waking up once I've gotten over the shock of my alarm. Over the past six months or so however I have found that there are more and more times when my brain is so awake and churning over the events of the day (and what I have to do tomorrow) that I do find it hard to force it to quieten down and actually sleep.

I don't know if its a in-your-late-twenties thing, or a in-a-recession thing, or just a that's-life thing, but when I talk to my friends it seems I'm not alone in that I find myself thinking about work all the time. It feels like everyone is taking on more responsibility, or changing careers, or thinking about promotions and career progression, or career breaks and having a family, and it's all just really stressful!

An app can't really solve all that, but since I have been using Muji's To Sleep I have been drifting off better than before. It's basically a white noise app - which plays one of six soothing sounds to help you get to sleep. I love the crackling fire one, which makes me feel like I'm falling asleep beside a campfire, or you can listen to the wind whistling through the trees, or a mountain stream. It has a timer so you can set it to run for 30, 60 or 90 minutes, but most of the time I'm asleep within half an hour.

I've never tried a white noise machine before while sleeping, but I am totally converted. It gives you something to concentrate on, instead of all the thoughts in your head, but it is subtle enough not to be distracting when you are resting.


char said...

This does sound like it's worth a try. I'd say I probably don't sleep well 80=90% of the time so I'm willing to give just about anything a go.

Kristin B said...

I'm absolutely a believer in white noise for falling asleep. I use a fan. That gentle whirling sound... I can't sleep without it now. Maybe that's bad, but when it's *too* quiet, that's when I start getting in my head and can't turn off the thinker.


Jane said...

Oh that's so cool! I think I'll give it a try. Usually I read till I feel too tired to keep my eyes open.

Abi said...

Love this post, it's so relevant for me right now! I can't sleep because I keep overthinking about everything and I just work myself up! Great post thanks for letting us know about this! Abi :)

Vintage Reflection said...

Me and my boyfriend find it really hard to sleep as we both snore, over the summer we've used a fan to keep cool and the white noise from this has really helped but now it's getting colder at night we wont be able to use it for much longer. Defiantly going to try out this app. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! Oh and I hope you sleep better, I hate it when work plays on my mind!

little henry lee said...

i actually really like the sound of this! ever since i got into watching youtube videos i just use those to get me to sleep cause it helps your mind switch off by concentrating on one thing until you drift off, but i can't sleep with the light shining in my eyes so i don't actually end up watching the video. i used to listen to music to go to sleep for years and years but sometimes i'd wake up and concentrate on the music too much and it would mean my computer was on all night every night, so this could be a really good solution!

little henry lee

Matthew Pike said...

i downloaded it about a month ago but haven't actually used it yet. I've been sleeping ok, but I plan to use it when I have to go away somewhere. it looks lovely too.

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