Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Dear Diary


James and I keep double booking ourselves, and when it got to the point I arranged a trip away with my girlfriends the weekend his parents were due to come to lunch (oops!) enough was enough. I popped into Selfridges one lunchtime and found these Moleskine diaries on sale. They are 18month mid year diaries so we are good til December 2015, and I like that you can see the whole week really easily on each double page.

The difficult bit is now sitting down and making sure we update them every week so we both know what is going on. I have one friend who uses a shared google calendar for her and her boyfriend, but I just don't see James remembering to update that. It's better if I make him sit down and talk me through each week!

How do you keep on schedule? Particularly when you re coordinating with friends and family?


duck in a dress said...

We do the whole shared Google Calendar thing - although it does mainly consist of me putting stuff on there, rather than him.
At least your other half shouldn't have any excuse for forgetting things now! :-) xx

Amy said...

We share everything on our iPhone calendar - it makes things so easy (although sometimes does lead to disappointment if it's a 'I want you to know about this' rather than 'I want you to come to this' invite!). I haven't had a paper diary in years but I used to live religiously by mine - there is something really nice about them that appeals to my love of beautiful stationary!

Abi S said...

Lovely photo they look so nice! I have a calendar on my phone I share with my boyfriend so he can put things in it and I will see what he's doing/when he's free etc it's really good and useful for referring too! Abi :)

Victoria Nightingale said...

I've actually never really used calendars or diary although I get a calendar every year. I tend to just keep track of everything in my head!


becky said...

i decided to stop using paper diaries...actually i decided to stop buying them because i never used them! i just love buying stationary :)



Matthew Pike said...

I always go for an 18 month-er too.

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