Monday, 27 October 2014

Who ate all the pies?


Me. Yup, it's me. I ate all the pies.

My love of pie, and in particular Pieminister pies has been well documented through my use of the Pieminister cookbook upon the blog (chicken, leek and cider pie anyone? Or are you in more of a sausage and potato mood?)

This weekend I was in Bristol having a long overdue catch up with my school friends, and when in Bristol of course you must eat pie, so a trip to the original Pieminister restaurant was swiftly planned and executed. I had the Moo and Blue pie - an epic steak and Stilton pie, with sides of superfood red cabbage slaw and sweet potato fries, which were possibly the best sweet potato fries I have ever had. Soft on the inside but perfectly crunchy and fry-like on the out.

If you are a veggie, then I can promise you the vegetarian options are every bit as good as the meaty ones - you must try the Heidi pie with goats cheese and sweet potato. If you are (and I don't know why you would be but I guess someone is) after a lighter pie they have a few options which sounded delicious and come with out a pastry top. I can't say I've ever tried these, as more pastry is always a good thing in my mind, but the flavours do sound delicious!

To drink they have a good range of beers, wine and gin as well as soft drinks, but for me when I go back to the west country it has to be cider! Their restaurants are all over the country now, and there is even one in Amsterdam, so there is really no excuse not to eat all the pies!


Matthew Pike said...

I love pies and I love places that sell them. This looks really nice. I went to Mother Mash in London a few weeks back, was pretty decent if I little crammed.

Buckets & Spades Blog

Abi S said...

Wow lovely photos, it looks like a nice place and the food is gorgeous! Abi :)

VV Nightingale said...

I love pastry so much, so I'd probably love going there.

Lily Lipstick said...

Anywhere that does sweet potato fries is a good'un in my books! x

Jane said...

Ohh yum, this looks amazing. I've got to get my pie fix sometime soon.

SJP said...

How strange, I almost went there with friends on Saturday but it was full! I love Piminister - the Heidi is my favourite and I love their restaurant on Stokes Croft, need to fit in a few more pies before I leave :) x

Maria Fallon said...

Pies are my favourite thing to eat when it is miserable outside, I need to get me to Brizzle for a Pieminster one!

Maria xxx

Sheree Milli said...

yum. just found your blog through 'I want you to know' and i love it. x