Sunday, 9 November 2014

A picture of the week


You may remember me waxing lyrical about the Bierra Moretti food festival in the summer. I tried so many amazing Italian street foods, and left feeling utterly stuffed and delighted in equal measures. So when they invited me back to the winter edition last week? It was an instant 'yes please'!

Sadly the winter darkness and mood lighting meant 90% of my photos came out an unsalvagable purple, sob, but I did manage to capture one photo of the amazing Pizza Pilgrims' mushroom and truffle oil pizza, which was to die for! I also had double helpings of Gelupo gelato, and the most amazing pumpkin gnocchi known to man.

Alas the tour ended in London yesterday, but keep your eyes peeled for next time, this is one of the best pop up events I have been too, and I would highly recommend.


Anonymous said...

oh my god, that pizza looks amazing!

Jane said...

Lucky you! I haven't had good proper pizza in a long time, that slice looks amazing.