Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Revlon Lip Butters

revlon lip butters in berry smoothie and candy apple

When I'm in need of a bit of retail therapy, lipsticks are my go to makeup item. I don't have a crazy makeup collection, but lipstick and nail varnish are probably about 90% of it. Despite being most of my collection though, neither are things that I wear everyday, as most of my lipsticks are bright and bold and feel a bit much for a normal workday.

Enter the Revlon lip butter. I picked these two up on a three for two deal in boots with a primer I'm not too sure about yet, but the lip butters I love. The two shades I have are Berry Smoothie (top) and Candy Apple (bottom) and they are both super wearable sheer shades. They are slightly shimmery, with a nice colour payoff for something so sheer, and they feel like the perfect subtle lipstick for a regular workday, or a lazy weekend.

They feel really moisturising as well (hence the 'butter' I guess!), the only thing I don't like so much is the shape of the bullet. It has a flat top which for my lips is just slightly too big, making it difficult to apply accurately. Generally though I am pretty happy with the latest additions to my lip collection, though I am going to need to look at new storage for everything soon!


SJ said...

Me too – lipsticks every time :) I'm also a big fan of lip butters and I have the shade Candy Apple, which I love. My only issue with them, which I mentioned in a previous review, is the packaging – I don't like the quilting effect for some reason but the product itself is great!

Sophie said...

Ah Berry Smoothie looks gorgeous on you!

VV Nightingale said...

Ooh this sounds nice, sounds good for Winter as it sounds quite moisturising. Love the colours you chose :)


jennie said...

They both look so lovely on you! I really like the lip butters, such a nice formula <3 xo

Reda said...

Love these on you, dude!

Abi S said...

Love the pinky one on you! Abi :)

little henry lee said...

the lip butters are great, i think candy apple is my favourite shade from the whole range! :)

little henry lee

Maria Fallon said...

These look lovely on you! I have the peachy one which is a really nice neutral but want to branch out so will try these shades!

Maria xxx

Rita P. said...

I didn't visit your blog for such a long time... I don't know why!
I almost forgot how much I love your posts <3


Kimberlee said...

Love me the lip butters! The lip stains are great too :)