Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Bone Daddy's Review


I ticked off one of the restaurants on my London Restaurant Wishlist last week with a quick trip to Bone Daddy's during a Christmas Shopping expedition last week. We went past it at about 11.40 and there was already a queue forming, and when we popped back to eat just after twelve all the tables were full!

Lesson learnt, arrive early! Thankfully we didn't have too long to wait, as the service and turn around is super fast. Perfect for lunch on the go. We shared some Chasu pork croquettes as a side, and James had the Tantanmen ramen - with Chilli, pork mince and a chicken broth, while I had the Tonkotsu - with Chashu pork in a 20 hour pork bone broth. Can you tell I like pork?!

I have to say my favourite part of the meal was probably the croquettes. They were so soft and delicious and flavoursome, my mouth is watering just thinking about them! That is not to say the ramen wasn't good though - it was delicious. James' ramen was probably my favourite - it as much spicier than mine, but I don't think I could have managed all of it, as it set my mouth on fire! In a good way though! The Tonkotsu ramen I chose was their most popular dish, and was pretty damn good too. A great menu staple.


Vicki said...

yum!! looks amazing harriet :) x

Matthew Pike said...

Wow next time I'm in LDN this is on the list. Heard of it but you're the first I've known who has been.

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