Thursday, 18 December 2014

Spare Room Update


And the decorators are done in the spare room! I am very happy with the results, they did a fab job and although there were a few delays they still got it done pretty quick and pretty much on budget, so I am a happy homeowner :) The next thing then to think about is furniture. At the moment we just have a couple of things we owned already in there - the big wooden chest and a pine chest of drawers. Both vintage/hand me down. 

The chest of drawers I'm not particularly keen on looks wise, but it does serve a purpose, as we don't really have anywhere else to store the clothes in there. It's not full, but it has enough in (my underwear drawer for one!) that if we got rid of it we'd need to find something to replace it. Still thinking about that one at present. The chest works quite well as an extra coffee table, as well as storing things like spare duvets and sleeping bags, so I am thinking of moving it downstairs into the living room.

As with my living room and bedroom I put together a mood board of what I am hoping it will look like.


The only thing we've bought so far is the daybed from John Lewis, which we ordered to arrive before Christmas as we have people staying over the holiday. I'll probably wait until the January sales to buy any more furniture now, and cross my fingers for some bargains. It's going to be a spare room/dressing room really, so the decor is slightly more girly than in the rest of our house (sorry James!), but I wanted to make it a spare room we actually use, rather than just on the odd occaision we have guests.

I don't have a single full length mirror in the house, or anywhere to do my makeup other than perched on the loo seat, so dressing room won out!


char said...

Oh, it's going to look great! I'm all for having a functional space which gets used rather than a spare room which is rarely stayed in. My spare bedroom is just a dressing room. I have a chaise in the living room which does fine for guests so that works for me at the moment.

Maria Fallon said...

This is going to look lovely, that daybed sounds ace! Our spare room is very cramped but we have fairy lights in there which makes it much cosier :)

Maria xxx

Xiaoyu Shi said...

I like this daybed, that's great.

Xiaoyu Shi said...

I like this daybed, that's great.